How many times do you end up eating junk food out of convenience? After a long day out and no time to prepare a proper meal, many of us fall victims to breaking our healthy habits for faster and easier options. In a study conducted in the US by the National Center for Health Statistics, it turns out that the reason many people ate junk food was out of convenience rather than cost or lack of food education. We admit that we sometimes give in to juicy burgers and chocolate cakes, but that’s just not the norm and that’s why Body Blocks is a game changer for us! Bringing health and convenience together in one place, to bring you pre-packed nutrient-filled meals available to order and delivered to your doorstep.

Body Blocks was founded by Nadine El Alaily a Nutritional Therapist who, along with her team of nutritionists offer personalized dietary consultations and programs as well as a range of healthy meals and snacks that you can order. To bring clients the best quality and appealing products, Body Blocks partnered with Angelica’s Kitchen to create the meals. Angelica’s Kitchen aspires to always update and recreate traditional recipes using the best local ingredients available to build on their founding love of wholesome food.

The team of nutritionists offer many packages and a wide range of food products that make staying healthy as easy as a piece of cake (a healthy one that is). If you go to their website, you will find a variety of options. First, you have the ‘Delivered Meals’ where you will find a variety of packages for all types of people, all designed to restore your body, from a complete weeks’ worth of meals to just a lunch bag. Here you will find all sorts of packages from a liquid cleanse, to a high-energy package for those who lead an active lifestyle.


If you’re not ready to commit to a whole day or weeks’ worth of food, then the ‘Everyday Shop’ might be more suitable for you. From snacks to family-sized salads, you’ll find all sorts of nutritious foods in this shop. All you have to do is pre-pick what foods you like and you’ll have them delivered to your doorstep the next day.

The best thing about Body Blocks, in our opinion, is that it caters to every individuals’ needs. When ordering from the everyday shop you can customize the food to add more protein, choose the size. Another bonus; you have all the nutritional and allergen information right there in front of you. Real, honest and healthy food.


While the Delivered Meals are somewhat customizable, Body Blocks offer a more personalized and customizable option with their one-to-one ‘Consultations’. Their  “Put Me on Track Package “is for beginners who want an in-depth consultation with one of their specialists to guide them on the right path.
They also offer a Follow Up package for those who have already had a consultation and need to fall back on the right track.


Because we don’t always have the time to fit in a consultation appointment, or simply prefer to get it done from the comfort of our computers, Body Blocks offer an online ‘Weight Loss’ Package for 10, 20 or 30 days. The Weight Loss program is tailored to each individual, and for the specified amount of time Body Blocks will send the food meals daily to your doorstep!


Committing to Body Blocks programs will help you listen to your body more, nourish it when you’re hungry, and not ignore signs that you’re full. It’s all about balance, meaning that you’ll start to appreciate the right type of clean meals without worrying about the preparation of them.