Before you let your opinion about Pole Fit get the best of you, know that we were just as surprised as you might be to find out how it has been transformational for so many women.

What are the main benefits of pole training, we asked the founder of Egypt’s first pole fitness class eager to find out more? “The main thing is that it is FUN, you won’t be going into training looking at your watch every 10 minutes wondering when this self-inflicted torture is over. Women who join PFE always enjoy it, and with enjoyment comes commitment, dedication, and ultimately results.” There are other numerous benefits of pole training too, including full body strength and balance, coordination, flexibility and improved agility. With pole training, your body can develop outstanding range of motion and joint flexibility.

An even more important, but less talked about bonus of pole fitness is improved self-esteem. The women’s only classes are especially aimed to make you more comfortable with your body. ‘The pole pushes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to explore your body in ways you didn’t know possible’, Mint explained to us. With the busy life many of us lead nowadays, we often forget to tap into our feminine and sensual sides, but pole training can do just that as well as help you build peace and love your body for what it is.

PFE classes are open to women of all ages and all fitness levels. It doesn’t matter if you are a Crossfit champion or complete beginner you will still have to start with the beginner’s foundation classes and work your way up. This is because pole training challenges your body in unique ways, and avoiding injury is the team’s first priority. Mint also went on to tell us how their youngest member is 10 years old and their oldest is 58, further stressing the fact that if you really want something you can make it happen!

How did Pole Fit come to Egypt?
It is true that the best things in life sometimes happen by chance, and how Mint first got into pole fitness was a complete accident. Eager to meet new people as she went to study abroad in England, Mint decided to join a pole fitness class to fill up her time and meet fun like-minded individuals. What started off as a new hobby eventually became her passion. She then took things a step further and became certified to teach pole fitness. As she came back to Egypt, Mint started sharing her passion with her family and friends first, and before she knew it her hobby then became a successful business!

We also asked Mint what she loves the most about PFE; “The community and sisterhood are what make what I do so satisfying. Women from all walks of life, from doctors to graphic designers to freelance artists, join our classes and seeing these empowering women support, help, and encourage each other is truly inspiring”.

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