As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child.  In all honesty, ever since I became a mother, 6 years ago, every time I felt like I need a village to raise my children, I was left with a whole lot of guilt. Because society is always reminding us that motherhood is about giving 100% of yourself and nothing less to your kids and if you can’t meet society’s expectation, the first person who will throw you under the bus of shame is YOU.

Cerys Howell wrote “Humans evolved to care for babies as a tribe. Continuous mothering by the birth mother was the last resort for primates…In short, the exclusive mother-baby cult is a bizarre modern western fantasy that neglects the social, physical and psychological needs of women.”

It took me 6 years to finally understand that I can’t do it all on my own. and that’s perfectly OKAY. I finally realized that my guilt feeling should be replaced with gratefulness that I have been blessed with the existence of the different people who have joined our ‘village’ throughout my journey as a parent. There is another saying that also says ‘One knee does not bring up a child.’ Kids need love, care, attention, guidance, advice, grandma’s molokheya, wisdom, fun, adventure, and everything in between for their development. As a mom, I feel like the 100% that I can give my kids at all times is LOVE, unconditional love, but the rest of the things I just mentioned don’t come naturally all the time. Therefore, I’d like to celebrate this Mother’s Day by thanking the 10 women who have been helping me pour in the 100% for my kids.


Amal Owies

Amoula is my mom and my kids’ chosen mom. They would never dare to call her Nana or Grandma because those are the rules in her home. Think of her as the reason of all of our existance. She raises their vibes and radiates happiness in their life in the most effortless ways. Without you Mami, my kids wouldn’t know the smell of a freshly baked cake as soon as they walk into the house from school, or the cozy warm hugs that you give them (and me) that will cure any fall or bruise or heartbreak in a matter of you wrapping your arms around them. Without you, our life would be dull, boring and incomplete. Happy Mother’s day to you and I hope one day I become half the mom to my kids that you have been to me throughout my 30 years on this earth.


Moshira Ramzy

Nana is her name and peace is her game. Your existence in the kids’ life brings a sense of peace into our ‘village’ and an unforgettable taste of homemade molokheya  w roz w araneb that’s always made with so much love.  You have the ability to make anyone around you feel loved by focusing on details that make people feel instantly special. Thank you for teaching Alay and Laila what it means to care for something and for going the extra mile and paying attention to details of the things that make them happy.


Yasmine Nasser Eid

Your constant support is something to admire. You are always so persistent and consistent with how you deal with your kids and mine and you do it so naturally. I always feel comfortable knowing that whatever happens, you’ll be around and by my side to take this crazy motherhood ride, one day at a time. Thank you for being the ‘comfort zone’ to my kids to always know that they have a loving aunt who will always accept them and love them for exactly the way that they are. Except for the times that you almost kick us when your kids have to study. It’s all good, we understand and we love you always and forever.


Heba Nasser Eid

You’re sugar and spice and everything nice! That’s not just because you literally make the sweetest deserts, its because your existence in our ‘village’ brings an overdose of sweetness and a whole lot of fun. It’s the little things you do that makes us love you BIG.

Hana El Sheikh

“Don’t compare yourself to other moms..we are all a hot mess some just hide it better than others.” You are exactly that hot mess mom who knows how to hide it better than others. You are a mother I look up to in the way that you care and love your kids. Thank you for always helping me organize my day to day small details with the kids. Whenever I feel like I am a walking stress machine, I am always one call away from knowing that we can plan ahead together. You know just what to talk to the kids about and how to give them attention to the point that you sometimes come over to our house just to have “Frozen” parties with Laila and build Lego trucks with Alay. “Hana ta3aly beityy…”


Nayera Khaled


You are the craziest person I know. I am blessed that you get to show my kids a crazy side of life. Always laughing, dancing, or telling us your crazy stories that always leave us laughing our hearts out. Your playfulness is definitely something that I am grateful that my kids get to be around, because let’s face it, most of the time I am too tired to have half the energy that you have.

Dina Helmy

The fact that you live on the other side of the world doesn’t mean that you don’t exist in our ‘village’ YOU DO and you always will, no matter the distance. You might not deal with my kids on a daily basis or even talk to them, but our talks are something that affect me as a mom, therefore greatly affects my kids. You’ve been keeping things real with me circa  1999. Without you, I wouldn’t have faced a lot of issues as a mom from ground earth, I’d be dreamy and I’d be wasting my time to come up with unrealistic solutions. Thank you for always keeping the love real and for reminding me that by putting myself first, I’ll be the best mom that I can be.


Moshtaha Elshami

Meshmesh Mashmooshy, Momosh!!! Laila hasn’t seen you for almost 5 months, due to the fact that you too decided to join Dina and live on the other side of the world.  ” I miss Momosh” is something that Laila will randomly say in the middle of the day. If that doesn’t explain the amount of love you make the kids feel, then I don’t know what does. Thank you Momosh for being who you are, a true friend and a human being with the purest heart on this earth.


Hana Hegazy

From your Christmas tree lighting rituals to literally adding light and a pop of color into our home, we are most grateful for your share of creativity in our ‘village’.  You also know how to take the mess and CALM it down, ofcourse that’s after you make fun of me for being the hot mess person that I am. But you never fail to always show me where the oxygen mask is. All you do is remind me that I have it all in me, your guidance is something that I genuinely appreciate. Your creative ideas and how my kids think that you’re the coolest aunt ever, even though it makes me seem boring as hell, but it also pours into the 100% that my kids need from this world.


Amina El Wassimy

We are very lucky to have been blessed by Laila’s teacher this year, Amina El Wassimy. Amina has made a huge difference in Laila’s life and in mine to be honest. She doesn’t know this, but Laila always pretends to be calling her on the phone to tell her that she brushed her teeth or that she ate her vegetables. Amina was able in the very short time that she’s been in Laila’s life to help shape her character and bring out the best in her. Thank you Amina <3


We hope that we have added to your life a little something of the greatness that you all have been pouring into ours.