Ramadan is the month when everyone just seems to have a good grasp on how to be a better Muslim, better Human being in general. You visit your family more, pray and read Quran, eat Konafa stuffed with mangoes till you pop. You know the basic Ramadan traditions nowadays. But these are not just the ways to be a better person starting this month. There are so many small acts of love that you can do every day until slowly they become part of who you are


All you have to do is just get an empty jar (you can even decorate it) and write down on small pieces of paper 30 different ways you can do good in the world, during this spiritual month. Every morning, before you go out and start your day, pick one from the jar and make sure the day doesn’t end before you’ve done what it says. Challenge yourself to even incorporate every new idea to your everyday life, so don’t make it just a one-time thing.


Ideas For 30 Acts Of Good:


  1. Ask a friend if they’re okay and don’t take “I’m Fine” for an answer
  2. Smile in the face of a not so happy stranger, someone who seems like they’re having a bad day. Your smile is contagious
  3. Be kind on the streets today. Even if someone is driving like they have hoofs for feet, don’t be mean and let it go this time. You never know what kind of day they are having.
  4. Feed stray cats or dogs near your home or office.
  5. Look in the mirror, look yourself in the eyes and say “I LOVE YOU” out loud. And mean it!
  6. Compliment 3 strangers today
  7. Hug a co-worker (just make sure they’re okay with it first…don’t go blaming the jar!)
  8. Send a loved one, family member or friend a cute good morning text, believe me, it will make their day.
  9. Give your partner, sibling or parent a back/neck massage.
  10. Go schedule yourself a massage! You deserve it.
  11. Call a friend who makes you happy, but you don’t get to see a lot of recently.
  12. Help with cooking Iftar today (and if you’re the cook, make something special for dessert maybe)
  13. Pick a random post on Instagram and comment something nice.
  14. Give your pet some extra loving today, a treat, one more belly rub, let them sit with you on the couch.
  15. Tell your caregiver, parent, just how much you appreciate their existence in your life.
  16. Pay for the table sitting next to you in a restaurant or cafe.
  17. Drink your favorite hot drink, out on the balcony and breathe. Your soul will thank you.
  18. Do something good for your body today: Eat one healthy meal, go for a walk outside, try yoga (you know you want to)
  19. Get your niece or nephew, or any kid a healthy replacement for chocolate today at your family gathering
  20. Donate your old blankets to an animal charity. They need it more than you know.
  21. Compliment yourself today in 3 different ways.
  22. Buy yourself flowers, or chocolate. Whatever floats your boat 😉
  23. Freeze a bottle of water and give it to a traffic police officer stationed in the sun all day.
  24. Bake something yummy and give it to your neighbor or co-workers.
  25. Give your Grandma or Grandpa a call, they love you more than you can appreciate and you will miss them more than you think.
  26. Pick a person who has hurt you in the past and just forgive them. Your soul will thank you again.
  27. Say no to that outing today that you don’t want to go to. Say yes to yourself and your plans.
  28. Visit an animal shelter and give the stray souls all the love you can muster.
  29. Pat yourself on the back for doing a great job today, and for even starting this Good Deeds Jar <3
  30. Keep that sarcastic comment to yourself, sometimes the nicest thing you can do is say nothing.



  1. Send this to someone so they can do it too and you can have a Good Deed buddy.



Just print this list, cut out the ideas into small pieces, roll them up and stick them in a jar. Pick out a random one every day first thing in the morning so you know what your “Act Of Good” is for that day. These are just examples, you can replace any of them to fit your life. Have fun making the world a better place.

For a bit of fun, every time you do your act of good using the jar, take a picture and post it on Instagram using the hashtag #TheDailyGood and let us all encourage each other for being better human being one day at a time