Controlling what your kids put into their body all the time can be hard, especially as they get older and you are not around them 24/7. Today, we’re sharing with you some fail-proof lunch additions that both you and your kids will love, just in time for the new academic year.

Tuna and Mayo, With a Twist!

tuna sandwichWe love a good tuna and mayo sandwich as much as the next person, but we have a healthier option with exactly the same great taste. Tuna is the perfect brain food for school, and the wholegrain bread helps give your child sustainable energy to keep them going for the whole day. Find the recipe here.

Muffin Frittatas

muffin frittatasDo you find it difficult giving your picky eater enough greens? You can make these muffin frittatas and fill them with any vegetables you like; they are the perfect bite-sized snack. They are also great if you don’t have time to prepare packed lunches from scratch everyday, simply prepare those in bulk and store in your freezer, reheat when needed and voila! Find the recipe here.

Carrot and Hummus

carrot and hummusAll kids love a good crunch, try introducing them to crunchy carrots dipped in hummus and we promise they will fall for it. This meal is high in vitamins, plant based protein, and good fats to support every aspect of your child’s development. Find the recipe here.

Homemade Energy Bars

homemade energy bars A perfect swap for chocolate bars or crisps, these apple and cinnamon energy bars are free from any refined sugars but perfectly sweet. They will give your child an instant energy boost so that they can focus at work and run around at lunchtime alike. This is especially perfect if your little one doesn’t like to sit down for long, they can simply munch on this while running around. Find the recipe here.

Banana Breadbanana bread Who would say no to cake for lunch? This healthier version of banana bread will fill your child up from lunchtime to the end of the day. You can also spread a layer of peanut butter on top for more energy and goodness. Find the recipe here.

Falafel Burgers

falafel sandwichSometimes it is all about going back to old Egyptian classics. Forget about the processed cold meat cuts and pop these baked falafels into some Baladi bread for a wholesome meal. Find the recipe here.

Yogurt and Fruit Additions

yoghurt and fruitYogurt and fruit make the perfect addition to any lunch, always add a yogurt pot and some fruit slices to your kid’s lunchbox for them to end their meal with to make sure they are getting enough calcium and vitamins.