If you too are done buying the children in your life endless overpriced commercial gifts that they get excited about then bored with in almost the same instant, read this gift guide to inspire you to get them presents that they will love and benefit from, too.

Planting Kit

Planting kitIf you are lucky enough to have some green space for your kids to utilize, it would be silly not to use it wisely and allow them to physically connect with the earth. Letting them get their hands dirty (quite literally) may be messy, but it is also humbling and allows children to experience what it is like creating something from scratch to finish. Put together a gardening kit for your child to use and help them plant some seeds and flowers. Consider planting a mixture of seeds and full-grown plants. It can be hard for little ones to wait for those first sprouts to pop out of the ground.

Suitable Age: 3+ years

Shape Sorter

shape sorterA classic toy that has been around for years, this is a simple educational toy that will boost your child’s development by enhancing their fine motor and problem solving skills while teaching them about different shapes and colors. Young children are fascinated with challenges or obstacles, and shape sorters will help them practice their problem solving skills

Suitable Age: 6 months – 4 years, depending on how complicated the puzzle is.


unoThis card game is suitable for 2+ players and is bound to improve your child’s teamwork and sharing attributes. Paying attention is a crucial skill in school, and that is just what they will pick up when they focus on the cards and remember to play the same color (or character) during Uno. Learning about the relationship between objects and numbers is a basic concept in algebra that is reinforced during Uno, too.

Suitable Age: 4 – 9 years

Memory Box

memory boxKids love collecting trinkets. A simple keepsake box is a great gift to help your child appreciate what he already has. Ask them to put a treasured item or memory inside their memory box every day or week. They can then look back at their memories every time they want a reminder of what they are lucky enough to have. Gratitude is an extremely important quality to start building from a young age.

Suitable Age: 4-10 years

Coloring Books and Pencils

Coloring books and pencils are important tools to prepare your toddlers for school and beyond. From simply allowing them to hold a pencil to paper, to helping with hand-eye coordination, to stimulating expression of their creative side; the benefits are many. Coloring is proven therapeutic for some kids, especially if they do it frequently. They’re able vent their feelings, frustrations and other emotions through coloring.

Suitable Age: 2 – 10 years