Updated October 2019

Obesity among children is a global issue that is undeniable. With 1 in 3 children being overweight or obese, there is an urgent need to find practical solutions to keep our children within a healthy weight range.

One of the simplest ways accessible to each and every one of us is to keep our children’s daily calorie intake at guard, keeping in mind that only cutting down on sugar intake does not mean less calorie intake.

However, studies show that only 10 days of cutting unhealthy, processed sugar intake for obese children (even without keeping in mind the adjustment of daily caloric intake) results in improvements in their blood pressure, blood sugar balance, and blood cholesterol balance.

The results of this study prove that sugar itself is a toxic ingredient for our children’s bodies.

This is a promising piece of information from a practical standpoint since it is easy to cut down on unhealthy sugar intake from our children’s diet and replace it with healthier options.

What makes this approach even more realistic is that by only eating sugars naturally present in foods such as fruits, our children will benefit also from the vitamins and minerals present in them.

Pro Tip: In case you’re looking for guidance on how to cut down sugar from your young one’s life or what to replace sugar intake with, check out these links.

Today, excessive intake of unhealthy sugars could be the main culpable reason for disease in general; more than it is the reason for obesity or excessive weight gain. Guiding our children on how to lead a healthy lifestyle starts at a very young age.

Building strong and healthy physical foundations comes as a result of what we teach by example to our little ones.

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