Sa7el as we know it is perfect as it, the water, the beaches, the vibes and the whole atmosphere. Many times we’ve asked ourselves on our way back from an amazing few days in the North Coast “Why can’t we live here all year long?” We constantly wonder why we invest so much money in small beach houses that we can use only 3 months out of 12? (if we’re that lucky!!)

We spend so much money, time and effort in making these summer homes our “Home away from home”, we renovate them, making them feel just like home, but we know that as much as we love El Sa7el we can’t live there all year round. There is too much missing that completes the wonderful summer days we spend there.

But all of that is going to change; the North Coast is no longer going to be just a summertime travel getaway. It’s going to have everything you need for it to be your new home. We, Egyptians, have always wanted someone to take advantage of the North Coast, and make it the city of our dreams. That’s why we were ecstatic when we saw that City Edge Developments have taken it upon themselves to make history by creating the game-changing North Edge City Towers that will change El Sa7el as we know it into New Alamein.



If you think about it, there are really just 3 major things that make living in a major city like Cairo or Alex so convenient:

1. Education

Schools for your young ones or college for yourself were things that never existed before in the New Alamein, or at least ones that we deemed top grade schools. Now New Alamein will also be the place where you can say “I went to school there” because of the International and governmental schools, and the National and International Universities for all years of education. This means our kids can grow up and finish their entire educational years in the North Coast. Not to mention, the Alamein Library that will benefit all those who are studying and those who just need a quiet place to read and do some old school research.


2. Emergency Aid

Because New Alamein is a family fun-filled destination, it has to be appropriately equipped –health care wise- for it to be totally safe. That’s why top-notch hospitals, with ready to go ambulances, medical personnel, and all the medical attention anyone could need in an emergency are non-negotiable. So, you have no reason to worry anymore about having to drive all the way to a major city just for medical care. 


3. Clean fresh water

A big issue a lot of people face while they’re visiting New Alamein for a couple of days is that they can’t use the tap water for drinking or cooking. This too is going to be a thing of the past. With the use of Water Desalination, all the tap water at your homes and everywhere else will be suitable for consumption. That means it will be less harsh on your hair as well as your skin, so your showers will be kinder to you in the North Coast.


Imagine having the convenience of the city life, but you get to wake up to the sound of the sea waves crashing against the shore every day. Your children can take their first baby steps on the beach, and you can spend your weekdays as if they were weekend; going out every day after work enjoying the beach life, and doing all the water activities your heart desires.

Just living near the beach, away from all the traffic, noise and air pollution are enough to completely transform your life into one that’s full of life, positivity, and joy. Your mind can unwind after long work days in front of the beach, your soul will thank you for the serenity the sea and the sky provide. All of this and it’s just a 2-hour drive away from the rest of your family back in the major city.

You can have it all and still stay in Egypt, where people get your Egyptian humor… Where you don’t have to learn a whole new language or pay so much just for a plane ticket home to go see your family. If you’re living in New Alamein, your family is just a 2-hour drive away, and you won’t have to worry about car fuel running out because there will be Power stations all over the city. City Edge Developments thought of everything you could possibly need to have the best living situation and provided it for you. Like we said, they are changing the way we see the North Coast, forever. Now, this is something you can invest time, money and effort in and you won’t reap its benefits for only just 3 months out of the whole year.