It really does fill us with pride when we see a local brand producing such high quality products, and Clean Bars make us proud like no other.

Clean Bars are the perfect snack, because there’s one for every occasion! Are you wondering about what exactly is in a clean bar? The ingredients are all natural and the bars are honey sweetened, with no refined sugars added. The brand focuses on a local and homemade approach, so even the nut butters they use are homemade with no preservatives or weird code numbers in the ingredients. The first step to eating good food is to eat natural food from natural origins, which is exactly what Clean Bars make.

As May Mashhour, the founder of Clean Bars, explained to us, people often find it hard to believe that these bars are actually healthy because of how delicious they really are! There are three types of Clean Bars:

Protein: With each protein bar boasting 21g of protein, you can rest assured that this bar will boost muscle recovery post workout. The choice of six different flavors also means you will never get bored.
Granola: The granola energy bars (available in cranberry and chocolate flavors) are the perfect pick me up when you are hungry since they are high in good sugars, fiber, and healthy unsaturated fats. These compounds together will fill you up and boost your energy like nevr before.
Energy: The dates and cherry energy bar is the newest addition to the line, and it acts as a great pre-workout snack because it’s high in simple sugars to fuel your workout, and also a good amount of fat to act as a more prolonged energy source.

You can get in contact with Clean Bars and order your own on their Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also contact them via email at [email protected], or give them a call: 0120 777 9520.