“Back to school” season invites excitement, panic, worry and relief all at once. And being a new beginning, it is a great opportunity to teach, coach and inspire our kids to learn valuable new skills. Let’s dive in together in three ways to coach our kids during the back to school time.


1. Coaching Social Skills

Having a new class and new friends is always as dreadful as it is exciting! Coaching our kids with some tips on how to be social and how to mingle and the basis on which they should choose their friends is key!


Many times we as moms don’t approve our kids’ friends but it lately occurred to me that we actually never train them or educate them enough on how to choose the right ones. It is a great time before or at the beginning of the new the year to go have a donut and coffee together and ask them what they think traits of good friends should be, have them evaluate some of the friends they already have or had, talk about our own friends and why they are dear and close to us and how they help us grow and be better.

It is always thoughtful to have them think about the people who don’t have any friends and how can they help this child mingle or play with others. Ask your kids on the first day of school to be nice to someone who is sitting alone. Encourage you to come back and tell you all about it after school. This is a wonderful way to coaching kindness and wisdom they would need for life.


2. Coaching Gratitude and Having Moderate Needs

I see a lot of ungrateful faces roaming around the stationary aisles demanding nothing but top-notch this and that. If I’m being fair this is 80% me and 20% them. I was always the one insisting they start a new year with new everything, maybe even a new mom while they’re at it because yours truly is exhausted. Do you hear me, ladies?

I’m just kidding, of course, I humbly announce that this year I let old habits die hard and allowed my little boys new lunchboxes only because their “old” other stuff where in perfect condition. I know it isn’t a piece of cake getting them to settle for just one new item, but what if we encourage the little ones to save up the money they would’ve spent and use it for a family day out or even better start a fund for the less fortunate.

And we may just be doing the best spending parents can do by spending effort on making them sympathetic human beings who give back. We may even make it an annual thing and pat ourselves on the back for raising the kind of person we wish we always are.

3. Emotionally Coaching Our Kids to Be Positive

During the last few weeks, whenever I am school shopping or in any gathering, I hear mothers say sentences like.

“Finally school, I’m sick and tired of having them home.”

“Better for them to be at schools, this is what they deserve after those months of doing nothing”

And so many more sentences and words that make kids feel as if going to school is punishment or is a good way for mom to get rid of me. Needless to say this starts the kids off with an emotional negative correlation to being in school. Let’s replace old sentences with new ones.

“I can’t believe you are going to be in year one, big boy/girl ha?”

“What are you most excited about?”

“A new journey starting soon, let’s see what was good and bad last year and see how can we make things better for you?”

Life, school, friends always process our children’s minds with many things many of them being wrong and negative. Let’s be there for them to coach and inspire what we believe they can be. May we all have an easy and peaceful transition back to school. Stay well and happy!