Healthy food gets a lot of bad rep for being dry, tasteless, and unseasoned. Instead of reaching for the ketchup bottle to make your grilled chicken breast a little more palatable, you can make your very own homemade dressings and condiments and add to almost anything. You deserve to know exactly what is going into your body. Explore the recipes below and enjoy the great taste of condiments without any weird codes, preservatives, colorings, and a 50 word long ingredient list.

Honey Mustardhoney mustard (1)There’s no excuse to not try this recipe out. It takes three minutes to prepare and is guaranteed to be a hit with the kids as well as the adults. After all, who doesn’t love chicken dipped in honey mustard?

If you ever see someone ‘on a diet’ dipping their food into conventional ketchup, slap some sense into them! Store-bought ketchup is packed with sugar, salt, and hydrogenated fasts – all things we should be steering away from. That doesn’t mean you need to give it up forever though – you can make your own instead. This recipe does contain some sugar though, so portion control and don’t finish the whole batch in a day.

The idea of making mayonnaise out of raw eggs at home might sound crazy, but if done right (like in this recipe) it’s completely safe. Just to be extra safe, this one is a no-no for pregnant women or very young kids.

Pickle Relishpickle relish
No sausage or burger sandwich is complete without some pickle relish. This recipe will satisfy your taste buds and makes a great addition to sandwiches, barbecue spreads, or soups.

Ranch Dressingranch
I prefer to save my personal favorite (and the best) for last. As a former ranch enthusiast, I always found a way to incorporate it into my meals. I was only having a few tablespoons, so how bad could it be right? This all changed when I convinced myself to look at the ingredients list and nutritional value at the back of one of the jars. 95 calories and 8 grams of fat per tablespoon, seriously? Thankfully, a fruitful google search put me out of my misery and provided me with a ranch dressing recipe that is even tastier than the supermarket packaged one. See for yourself!