I just walked by a mirror and without even thinking about it, these three things came to mind:
1. You gained weight and you look chubby.
2. Why is your hair so messy?!
3. What the hell are you wearing!!

Call me crazy but after a few steps of walking down the stairs and realizing the ridiculous negative self-talk, I actually forced myself to walk back up to the mirror. I made a conscious decision to take another look and give myself some love by seeing all the positive and beautiful things that I didn’t see at first and this is what I saw:

1. You actually still fit into the same blazer you bought when you were 5 kg lighter than you are now. It looks good on you!

2. Your hair might be frizzy but it grew and it’s much healthier than it was a year ago. Also, don’t forget how much effort you have been putting trying to take care of it to get your natural curls back. It looks beautiful on you!

3. It’s a Monday, you went to work wearing comfortable jeans, a nice black blazer with a matching top, and your most stylish sneakers. Let go of that picture perfect, flawless image of yourself that only exists when you take more time out of your day to get that look. Today you spent your time being productive, changing people’s lives, and doing what you love. You rock!

The most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves and it could also be the most toxic. You could become your worst enemy if you allow yourself to just be unkind and harsh on yourself. I am so guilty of this I know and that’s why I choose to speak about it. If someone was to talk you down, you’d defend yourself and shut them up right? Unfortunately, it’s not the same with negative self-talk, most of the times it’s blindly absorbed and that’s why as soon as I realized it I made sure to stop my negative thoughts.

“The point is that your outer self concept comprises essentially everything that you believe your body is capable or incapable of. Given a true/ false test on yourself, you’d be able to say with certainty, Yes, these things are true about me. They are the beliefs-the ingredients that you use to create- YOU.” Dr Wayne Dyer