Hello Cairenes,

Today is Mother’s Day, I want to take a moment to thank all the Mommies that inspire me every day. For showing me that Mommies are capable of wearing one too many hats, but still keeping their beautiful smiles selflessly at the end of the day. Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mamas loving their children unconditionally through every phase of life, through every tantrum, every sleepless night, through the tough times, and the glorious ones.

Happy Mother’s Day “to all the women who have no sons or daughters and are still beautiful mothers to their loved ones nonetheless. Happy Mothers Day to all the sons and daughters who have no mothers but are joyous children in spite of it. Happy Mothers Day to all the fathers that have become both fathers and mothers in the eyes of their Children”. Finally Happy Mothers Day to the one “mother” we all share, this beautiful planet. 


So to our dearest little planet, 

I thank God every day for the bodies of water that run through you, the mountains, and hills that keep you still, for the vast green lands that graciously get to be your lungs, and the beautiful creatures we are yet to appreciate growing (what’s left of them) all over you. I thank Him for every sunrise and sunset, every vibration of good energy spreading through you. Most of all I apologize for all that we have done to you. 

Back to you Cairenes, 

Before this gets a little too morbid to handle, I wanted to tell you that there’s still hope for us to reverse some of the damage we have created. We can do so by trying to live a more “ZeroWaste” life.

Easy Zero-Waste Tips: 

  1. Invest in water filters at home instead of constantly buying bottled water. This tip will also help you save a pound or two in the long run. 
  2. Keep cloth bags, reusable containers, and cutlery on you. This is especially helpful if you’re someone who is constantly on the go. I personally keep my water bottler, a stainless steel straw, fork, and cloth bag with me at all time to avoid using plastic ones.
  3. Make your own products at home instead of buying them. You can also buy ones in glass/ stainless steel packaging instead of plastic. 
  4. Pack your own food at home instead of ordering food that will come in tons of unwanted packaging. If you’re dying for your favorite dish at that one restaurant you love, try passing by and have them store it for you in your own container, rather then having them pack it in disposable ones. 
  5. Take faster showers! You don’t need to plan your entire year out with the water running over your head. Do what you need and save some water. 
  6. Do your best to avoid packaged foods. You’ll find that the foods with the most packaging are actually the most harmful ones. You won’t only be decreasing your waste, you’ll be investing in your own health.


Get Educated

Learn about what is happening! Unfortunately, most of us don’t even know what is happening to our planet. Here’s a list of documentaries to help you get up to date with the facts. 

  1. Cowspiracy
  2. Chasing Ice
  3. Chasing Coral
  4. Blue Planet
  5. Terra
  6. Colombia: Wild Magic
  7. Life
  8. Africa
  9. An Inconvenient Truth
  10. Before the Flood

There’s hope for us to revive a lot of what we have lost. Let’s start now before we lose a lot much more of Earth’s beauty. Small changes in your day to day life will go farther than you might think. Every plastic bottle in our ocean was once thrown away by someone who assumed “what difference will one plastic bottle make?”. You have way more power for change than you give yourself credit for. 

“Take Charge, this land is your Motherland”.

Yours Truly,

The Conscious Cairene

*Quote: Salma El Maghraby