Hello Cairenes,

So last weekend I got to go to my very first retreat!

Not only was it my first retreat experience it was also my first time assisting in planning one!!! The retreat was a yoga and detox retreat called Renew by Glow. The whole purpose of the retreat was to give people space and time to reflect, unwind, and get in tune with themselves and find space for change.


I didn’t really know what I was walking into, I knew everyone would be practicing yoga night and day while detoxing with Glow’s detox program. Amira Ayman and I had set a schedule for how every day would look like, but I don’t think either one of us really imagined that amount of knowledge and help we could give to the participants. We couldn’t have ever planned how the participants would respond to the program. Their development and response over the course of the whole retreat are what made the whole experience what it is. Never have I ever felt more fulfilled and content than I did when I left Ardi, Dahshour that weekend. 


The energy of the participants was insane. Everyone that walked into Ardi clearly came with the intention of change, and you could feel that energy bouncing off the walls for the entirety of those three days.  It was beautiful to see the progression of everyone’s mindset from day one up until we left. Even beyond that, they’re still sending me messages showing me all the progress they’ve been able to maintain themselves post-retreat.  They went from “I need me some bread” to “where can I buy that almond butter” over 72 hours. 


Credit: Manon

Every morning we would start our day with a vinyasa flow lead by Amira. The day would then commence with breakfast which I could confidently say seemed to be everyone’s favorite meal of the day. After that would come lunch, a Yin fusion class with Amira, and dinner. Between meals, we would nap, reflect, and hang by the pool. Its that time we had to ourselves midday that showed us the extent to which everyone was really “detoxing”. You could physically see it on their faces, you could recognize it in how they were all opening up and allowing themselves to feel everything they’ve been ignoring over the course of their busy routines, and in the ways, they were feeling. 


You see, detoxing goes way beyond weight-loss or giving your body a breather. When you detox your energy flows towards everything else you’ve been trying to ignore by eating your way through your day or amping up your workload to ignore your troubles. Detox is about feeling “clean” which leads to this heightened feeling of wellbeing and happiness. With detoxing its almost like we are purging the junk and worries of our modern day lifestyles, and allowing our organs to gleam and renew. It even goes beyond that, when you reach that state of wellbeing, your body starts to tackle those unwanted emotions you’ve been ignoring, because believe it or not every emotional burden you are hiding under the rug is weighing you down just as much as your food.

Credit: Manon

I got to see all ten participants go through that experience. I got to see them feel what it’s actually like to really feel good inside out. It doesn’t happen overnight, but you have to be patient and trust your body. It is already a detoxing machine by nature. You just have to give it the time and space to do what it does best. Thrive.  


So here is a thank you to everyone that participated for doing something so good for themselves, for keeping an open mind, and being eager learners.  A thank you to Amira for being the mentor that you are through your knowledge and practice not just for the detoxers but for me too. Thank you to Glow for keeping your core goals in mind and showing that it goes way beyond your products, you are an entity that wants to spread wellness and health and I am forever grateful for you. 


Yours Truly,

Conscious Cairene