Hello Cairenes,

Its been a few weeks since I last wrote to you,  but I’m back and so excited to get my hands back on my keyboard. To start the next few weeks of letters to you, I thought I would share with you why I chose the name Conscious Cairene in the first place. It’s the name I use to sign all my letters to you, it’s my Instagram handle, and it has definitely become an embodiment and base of all that I try to create. 

I chose that name back in 2016. It had been around a year since I went fully plant-based and I wanted to create a name that would embody all that my lifestyle stands for while still staying true to my roots. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it yet, but I knew that I am passionate about the lifestyle I’m trying to create for myself and I want to share that with people in some shape or form. I want to help people rise to their greater self and find their journey towards contentment, as well as happiness while giving back to the environment, the people, and the animals. 

I felt like the message I wanted to spread was way beyond any existing title I was given by people around me.  I didn’t really fit under one school of thought but I wanted to take what I loved from everything I’ve learned and researched about the animals, the environment, the mind, body and spirit; and somehow fit it all together. The one thing I felt really fit the root of what I wanted to share was the state of consciousness. 

That is what I strive for first and foremost. Before anything else, I want to make sure I am conscious of all I do and why I do it. The state of consciousness is to be aware and responsive to your inner-self and outer surroundings.  Which exactly is the route of all I want to create for myself? To be consciously living is to be constantly and regularly evaluating your decisions, and activities. It is to be constantly reminding yourself to stick to your values and stick to your truth.   

Next, I wanted to tie my love for consciousness, awareness, and reflection to where I come from. A lot of what I want to create for myself will always be related back to my roots, my upbringing, my family, my culture, and beliefs. Therefore it only made sense to have that somehow tied into the name. That’s how Cairene came to be, which means from the city of Cairo. 

As Cairenes, as Egyptians space for reform is endless. We have an endless amount of space for growth. Let’s take the good of our country, our history, and heritage and create a better community for all the little Cairenes coming after us. Your actions are way more powerful than you might think. 

When people read the title “Conscious Cairene” I want them to feel the need to reevaluate, reflect, and consider the implications of their every move. I want to promote the idea that we as humans are way more powerful as single individuals than we think. Our energies, thoughts, and decisions whether we notice it or not; play a significant role in the overall flow of energy in our atmosphere. 

We can do so much more than we think. Today with social media on the rise, the world is getting way more interlaced and connected. That makes our power for change even stronger so let us consciously take the steps to move forward to the best of our abilities. 

Yours Truly,

The Conscious Cairene