Hello Cairenes,


Happy New Year!!!


In light of the annual new year new me craze, and in honour of Veganuary, I thought I should give you five key tips on going vegan! This month on 21st of January will mark my 3rd year of pursuing a vegan lifestyle so I might know a thing or two that might help you.


1- It is not All or Nothing

Go at your own pace.

This is a very important lesson that I’ve learned over the past few years of living a more mindful lifestyle. It’s not about perfecting your lifestyle. Baby steps go a long way. Find your rhythm. Understand what works for you, what your willing to compromise and how much you can actually take. Evaluate your decisions, and remember why you’re choosing this path because your motivation and belief in the cause is the only thing that will keep you going. What I love about Veganism most is that I feel like my lifestyle is serving a cause so much greater than myself. I feel like just by having that one conversation about why I won’t eat the meet at a dinner table, I have opened up someone else’s eyes on how the food they eat could be harming their environment. Even if they think I’m talking nonsense, at least I got them thinking about something new. Most people don’t even notice how much of the food they eat and the products they use are derived from animals.  Remember that going vegan is about having less of a negative impact on the environment, the animals, and your own wellbeing. Whatever you do to serve that purpose is a step in the right direction. No lifestyle is perfect.

2- It Goes Beyond the Dining Table


A lot of people think being vegan means eliminating animal products from your diet. People fail to notice how much of the products they use on a daily basis whether through fashion, or cosmetics are full of chemicals derived from animals, or tested on them. You can easily access a list of products that aren’t tested on animals or include chemical derived from animals by downloading the app Bunny Free, or through Peta. There are also several blogs that offer plenty of information on this topic.


3- Don’t Worry About the Protein


There’s this huge misconception that you can’t get a sufficient amount of protein on a vegan diet. Many assume since we refer to meat and poultry as protein that they’re the only source of protein there is. When in fact all vegetables, beans, legumes, and even fruit have a sufficient amount of protein. As long as you’re eating a well rounded wholesome diet than you’ll be fine.If anything you’re gaining more out of plant-based protein sources than animal protein because they’re full of so much more nutrients and fibres than you’d find in an animal protein source. There isn’t such a thing as a protein deficiency, but you can be deficient in fibres so focus on that, and eat more cruciferous foods.


4- Get Creative


I discovered my love for cooking once I started eating more plant-based meals because there aren’t that many common well-known recipes out there. It wasn’t something I grew up doing with my family much. It was time to vegan-ize all my favourite recipes and learn more about the basics of cooking a vegan meal. I would highly recommend downloading some ebooks and get familiar with the basics through these books. Some of my favorites can be found on the pages of @bonnrebecca, @ellenfisher, and @tessbegg. You can also find Deliciously Ella’s books on Amazon. As for local authors, Yasmine Nazmi’s Happy Belly found in Diwan is one book every Egyptian vegan should have in their cupboard.


5- Get Educated


Beyond learning how to cook vegan, there is so much you need to learn about in order to really solidify this major lifestyle change. You have to be aware of all the consequences an average lifestyle has on the environment, the animals, and your own wellness. Your awareness of how unsustainable this lifestyle actually is will be the only way you could possibly sustain a vegan lifestyle. So get your hands on different books, blogs, Instagram accounts, documentaries, and YouTube channels. The internet is literally your best friend. You can take a look at one of my past articles where I recommended a few of my favorite vegan Youtubers, and I’ll be writing a few reviews on some of my favourite books very soon.


I hope these five tips could be of help to you whether you’re making some of these changes or just want to learn some more. If you need any help or you’re interested in the lifestyle to send me a dm on Instagram and I would be more than happy to help.


Yours Truly,

The Conscious Cairene