If you’ve always dreamt of having a social media platform that has a wide audience of real authentic people that genuinely want to follow you. If you’ve always wanted to create original content but didn’t know how to go about doing it. Then Chef May Yacoubi’s advice on how she grew her online presence is going to be the best thing that ever happened to your social media accounts.

How Much Content Do You Have to Create?

You don’t have to create content every day. You need to make sure the content you create is in accordance with your lifestyle and your schedule. For instance, there are times when I tell my Instagram Family (followers) that I’m going to film a recipe for them and then I don’t because I have to take my son to the doctor. When this happens, I tell my followers why I’m not posting, I let them in and show them my REAL life.
I swear when something like this happens I don’t lose followers, I gain more. People feel how relatable I am. Because in the end, you need your audience to feel that you are a real person so they can relate to you and in turn love to follow you.

How Do You Improve the Content You Post on Social Media?

The first step is to use your creativity, you need to think outside the box to really create content that no one’s seen before.
The second is to become the trendsetter and not the follower. Your feed is called a “Timeline” and those watching that timeline can tell who created content first and who copied. This, in the culinary world, can be offset by giving credit if you decide to copy someone’s recipe.
The third thing you can do is travel. Explore and search for new content. You don’t have to travel abroad, I mean go out and discover new material and tools for new content. This is especially important if you’re a chef because your tools are ingredients and you can’t create amazing content without improving your ingredients and thinking outside the box.

Which Social Media Platform Should You Post Your Content On?

First things first, not all content is born the same. You choose the platform to post on according to your content. Food, for example, is perfect on Instagram, because it’s mainly visual. If your content, however, depends more on the written word then Facebook might be the platform for you, because there is much more space to scroll. If your content is lengthy videos (special ones that are longer than 1 min) then Facebook and Youtube are best for you. Instagram is best for daily updates, stories, short and quick recipe videos, etc.
A tip to easily double your exposure without doubling your effort is whenever you post on Instagram just click the button that sends your content to your connected Facebook account as well. Although, I create my content for Instagram my facebook followers as well will see it.

Who Is My Audience?

I can’t stress enough on how important it is for you to be creating content with your audience in mind, and not the brand you’re working with or even your competitors. Who is your audience? The people. The people who follow you, engage with your content and more.
Pro Tip: Instead of focusing on how many followers you’re getting, look at how many Impressions instead. You can find this in your “View Insights” button on any post you have on your business Instagram account. The impressions will show you exactly how much your posts are been seen and engaged with and it can vary drastically than your follower number. For example, as of this article, my followers are 60+ my impressions have exceeded 4 Million!