We all get nostalgic from time to time about the good old Sahel days, when the highlight of our day was when we gathered with our loved ones for a hearty meal after a long day at the beach.  No hassle, no need for any reservations, just one big table and a whole lot of laughter around it.  

Sahel as we know it has changed over the years. We feel the main reason for that is most people just don’t have it in them, like they did before, to prepare homemade food for 15, 10 or even 5 people coming over. The task is way too daunting just thinking about all the food preparation, the setup, the cleaning up afterward and don’t get us started on the whole “DISHES” nightmare! That is why most people now just choose one of two options, either they go out to eat, and that means dressing up which realistically speaking is way less appealing than staying in the comfort of your own salty hair waves and damp summer dress. Or they order take out which ends up being more expensive than if they had eaten at a restaurant including delivery costs and all.

That’s why we’re impressed with Crave’s newest concept:  “Ready To Serve Menu” which is the ultimate solution for summer family and friends gatherings.  It is designed to take the hassle out of organizing your perfect lunch or dinner gathering. With the new  “Ready To Serve” menu, you get the benefits of food quality and the table set up except this menu doesn’t require you to order ahead of time nor does it require a minimum number of guests for your order.  You get to stay in to eat a delicious restaurant quality meal without having to leave your house (you can thank us later!)


The whole concept is that whenever people make large orders for more than 5 people, they find themselves ordering multiple numbers of the same plate. But, with this new menu, instead of ordering 5 Taco Salad plates from Crave, you order Taco salad enough for 5 people from the  ‘Ready To Serve Menu’ and here’s the best part, this will actually cost you less and will be more filling for everyone.


Here’s everything you need to know about the “Ready To Serve” menu:

Step 1: You find out how many people are coming over and who wants what, so you can decide how many servings of appetizers, main dishes and sides you all want. 


Step 2: You call Crave and make your order 2 hours in advance and you will get your food delivered to you the same day you make the order.


Step 3 (The best part): The food comes in foil packages with a set of instructions on how to keep the hot dishes warm, while the cold ones cool. That’s why they also send you metal racks and a set of burner candles, all of which you get to keep for yourself by the way.


Step 4: Enjoy your food without a hint of worry about the drag of having to clean up the dining table or doing a single dish, because all the packages your order came in are disposable foil packages that are easily thrown in the trash. So, now you can enjoy a night at home with your loved ones eating your favorite dishes that cost you less than you normally would have paid for. It’s that easy!

Crave’s new “Ready To Serve” is currently available at Marassi Sahel, they deliver everywhere inside Marassi and Diplo. But if you are staying in Sahel somewhere other than these two zones just give them a call and they’ll do their best to deliver your food right to your doorstep. Now you can enjoy your summer in your own space just like in the good old days, filled with family, food and endless board games!-


Credits to:

Food Shots: Flavor Republic