The holidays are usually a time full of festivities. Each family has their own way of celebrating and having fun. If you have a young child and are thinking about how to create your own unique family traditions, here are a few ideas.

Make a Special Holiday Treat

Food is such a big part of most cultures and Egypt is no exception. Cookies are a go-to fast, simple and fun way to involve young children in measuring, mixing and decorating. Don’t be afraid to explore other treat options to suit your family’s taste and preference.

Special Parent-Child Activities

A lot of families now have both parents working, so spending one on one time with your kids can be a challenge especially while trying to get things done. The holidays can be a nice break and a chance to create a special parent-child tradition between you and your little one. Ideas can be simple or more complex, depending on your time.  Read a story together, decorate the tree, wrap the gifts, play a certain game, or just sit in your PJs and watch some special, festive cartoons together.

Incorporate Culture and Tradition

Whether you are a local, an expat or a multicultural family, you have your unique cultural values and traditions. It can be a wonderful experience for your children to see and have pride in their heritage. You and your child can make a special ornament that reflects your culture, showcase some unique cultural items for the holidays or wear a traditional holiday dress.

Family Photo

One of my favorite traditions is taking a family photo every year. It’s a fun tradition and a chance for everyone to get together in the same place during the hustle and bustle of the holidays when everyone is so busy. It can be a lot of fun for little ones as they grow older to look back at themselves over the years, and photos are always a great way to preserve the memories of the holidays!