It has been more than two weeks of quarantine and curfew already, and even though I myself am not a parent, being surrounded by parent colleagues, friends and family members, it is obvious your kids should be getting out of their mind bored as they have probably already done everything possible and imaginable.

Here are some tips to keep your kids more entertained if they haven’t done it already!!

1. Keep a schedule for work and fun

Keeping a schedule with a TO-DO list will help your kids identify the difference between work-time and playtime. and with every tick of something done, the excitement to hop on for the next task or activity will increase.


2. Film TikToks

Because this is what everyone is doing now, you can experience filming TikTok Videos with your kids. It is a funnily engaging activity.


3. Listen to stuff you should know


4. STEM Activities

STEM simply stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

These activities are suitable for a wide age group of children and they are the best way to learn simple facts about science, math, engineering, and technology.


5. Take virtual tours to parks, museums and more around the world

Here are some places you could visit.

    1. Louvre museum
    2. Boston children’s museum
    3. British museum
    4. The Great Wall of China
    5. Walt Disney World
    6. LEGO LAND Hotel
    7. MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art New York)
    8. National Aquarium of Baltimore
    9. Google Farm Virtual Tours and Enjoy!


6. Netflix Party

Netflix Party can be a solution to your kid’s boredom too. It’s a nice way for kids to watch movies with their friends and have a successful movie night or day.


7. Plan Watching Marathons

Supporting the above tip, here are some ideas of things to watch on Netflix if available, otherwise you can download the unavailable ones and enjoy.

    1. Disney
    2. Harry Potter
    3. Lord of The Rings
    4. Star Wars


8. Interview each other

It’s a nice and fun way to deepen your bond with your child while getting to know them better. 

Pretend you’re on a live TV program and interview each other with questions about things you’d love to know more about how your child sees life – and let them ask you questions as well, you’d be amazed at what they would ask you. 


8. Play Dress Up

This one can be part of the previous activity – you can dress nicely for the interview or for anything else that your kid aspires to – let them get creative.


9. Start at home dancing classes

you can just play the music loud and dance together or if your kid is truly passionate about dancing professionally they can start here


10. Practice sleep meditations 

Sleep meditation is one of the best ways to regain focus and tone down anxiety for kids as well as grown-ups.


11. Do Yoga 

These yoga classes can be done together with your kid or alone, they are so simple, engaging, and fun.

You can find more classes here.


12. DIY your own hand soap

Seeing that the circumstances are asking for constant hand washing, this activity will make your kids not want to stop washing their hands!!

You can make your own customized soap together and get creative.

Pro-Tip: You can substitute castile soap with regular color and odor-free liquid hand soap. And you can use a bain-marie to melt regular glycerin soap.

Note: This activity must be with the assistance of a parent or guardian.


13. DIY Sham El Nessim (Easter) Crafts 

Sham el Nessim (Easter) is almost here, so we better all start getting ready for it in a different way this year – DIYing easter crafts can be a lot of fun and the outcome can be really surprising.


14. Journal your dream trip around the world

Teach your kids the art of journaling and imagination. You can help them start by initiating a conversation with them about where they’d like to go when the quarantine is over and then scale it up with a world map and sightseeing monument pictures of places around the world.


15. Learn about insects 

The world of insects can be something that not everyone appreciates; however, for those who do appreciate it, discovering new insects and learning about them every day can be the time of their lives.


16. Make a portrait of each other or of yourself 

Regardless of whether your kid has artistic talents or not, this activity can be so much fun if done together or alone (with the help of a mirror or photo)


17. Host a painting night 

Crafts for kids is a YouTube channel full of solutions to your kid’s boredom (experiments, games, tutorials, etc…), it definitely is worth checking out. You can start with easy painting tutorials here.


18. Solve a maze 

There are free printable mazes of all levels (easy, medium, and hard). 


19. Listen to podcasts

Here is a podcast for curious kids in English.


20. Play read-bingo

This is a game to encourage your kids to read, it can be customized to fit any preferred language. Click here to find more about the game.

Share this with all the moms and dads you are working so hard to keep it up these days and stay safe.