Fast and healthy food is not an easy combination to come by. Kcal Egypt is slowly but surely taking over town, and we couldn’t be happier about it. After all, their mission is the same as ours; ‘To make the world a better place through outstanding healthy food’.

There is something for everyone at Kcal. Moms, dads, children, the workaholic, and of course the gymaholic can all feel satisfied by their menu variety. Everything on the menu is less than 300 calories, perfect if you are watching your weight. Even if eating healthy is not on the top of your list of priorities, you will still enjoy the taste of their food just as much. Keep reading to find out what we particularly love from their menu.

The Light Option

vietnamese spring roll

If you are not up for a big meal, but you still want to engage in the social bonding that comes with food, you can do just that by ordering Kcal’s Vietnamese spring rolls. We love non-boring healthy food, and these spring rolls are unlike anything else on the market. They are baked not fried, meaning they will fill you up without making you bloated, giving you heartburn, or any other nasty side effect you might get after eating fried food.

The Brunch Option

quinoa salad

Quinoa, avocado, and sweet potato salad with pomegranate sauce. Need we say more? We like to call this the rainbow salad because it’s so colourful, meaning it’s full of ingredients that are nourishing to our bodies in different ways. Because this salad is packed with good fats, it’s perfect for giving you energy at the office and getting your brain working again after lunchtime. It is also full of antioxidants that keep your skin, hair, and nails looking fresh and youthful as ever.

The Dinner Option

veggie chilli bowl

Sometimes all you need is something hearty, something that will fill you up and comfort both your tummy and your soul; this is exactly why we love the veggie chilli bowl. Next time you are sick of salads and grilled chicken, change things up and have a warm bowl of veggies and beans in a tomato based sauce.

The Drinks Option

healthy berry

We love us some hydration on a hot summer’s day, but choosing something that’s not full of calories and unnecessarily sugary is not always easy. Kcal’s healthy berry shake will perk you up like no other, while giving you your entire recommended vitamin C intake for the day and 24g of protein while you’re at it. It makes the perfect post workout shake if you prefer something light after hitting the gym.

The Sweet Treat

banana sushi

The hardest part of staying healthy for most people is conquering their sweet tooth. There are  lots of guilt-free dessert to choose from at Kcal, but we think the sweet banana sushi really throws everything else out of the park. And for only 215 calories? We are sold! Although we don’t recommend indulging in any sort of dessert everyday, kcal’s desserts will do you a lot more good than the standard chocolate cake.

What would we change about the Kcal menu? We would love to see more breakfast friendly options for the early risers among us. Other than that, they are perfect just as they are.

Contact Info:

Address: 37 Syria Street, Mohandeseen, Phone: 19718,