Want healthy food, but hate cooking? This one is for you.

When we think food deliveries we automatically think processed burgers or a huge, greasy pizza, but not anymore. There are now some great take-away and delivery options opening up in the city that are revolutionizing deliveries by providing healthy gourmet cuisine delivery. We have compiled some of our favourites for you, so whatever kind of meal it is you are feeling, we got you covered.

The Breakfast Option from Fitchen

coconut oatmeal

We have a soft spot for both coconut and oatmeal. That is exactly why Fitchen’s Coconut Oatmeal is our absolute favorite. If you have run out the door without breakfast you can order this to be delivered to work, or if you just don’t feel like cooking breakfast for yourself you can have your very own Fitchen breakfast in bed.

Contact Fitchen:
Phone: +20 128 340 6905
You can also connect with them via Facebook or Instagram.

The Light Option from Lychee Fruit Bar

the light option lychee

The Greek Passion Super Snack from Lychee is perfect for when you want a small dose of energy to keep you going without having a full sit-down meal. The Greek yoghurt is great for digestion, while the granola is packed with heart-healthy fiber. You can pick one up on your way out for snacking on the go. The good thing is that they deliver almost anywhere in Cairo!

Contact Lychee:
Phone: +201002020221
You can also connect with them via Facebook or Instagram.

The Brunch Option from Goodcals

the brunch option good cals

The Halloumi Wrap from Goodcals is the closest thing you will get to a cheese toastie, without sacrificing on health. If you are not big on cheese, you can also try out their large array of salads or sandwiches.

Contact Goodcals:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +201022992367
You can also connect with them via Facebook or Instagram.

The Sweet Treat from Earthly Delights

the sweet treat earthly delights

If you think vegan food is boring, Earthly Delights will completely revolutionise your thoughts with their creative and delicious meals. Order a box of these Raw Coconut Truffles and you will see what we mean. They are perfect if you want a refined sugar free treat.

Contact Earthly Delights:
Phone: +20 115 500 6688
You can connect with them via Facebook or Instagram.