If you have a natural sweet tooth, you will know how difficult it is to maintain a healthy diet with all the dessert temptations available. And while we will indulge in a traditional chocolate cake or Om Ali every now and then, most of the time we try to make the conscious, healthier choice and choose less guilt-inducing desserts. Keep reading to find out about our favorite healthy dessert options in the city.

Granville St.

granville stWarning: Just scrolling through Gravnille St.’s pictures will induce cases of extreme hunger and drooling. The ‘all-natural’ concept store and patisserie produces the most creative healthy dessert options in town. From white chocolate matcha cookies to blondies, there’s something to please everyone’s taste buds. They also make custom orders, like the flower cake shown above, which are perfect if you have a birthday party or similar event coming up.

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Diet House

Diet House, a self-proclaimed fast food chain in Egypt, offering healthy and guilt-free alternatives to our favorite junk foods, such as their Six Pack Pizza, Diet House Tuna Sandwich, Cardio Blue Chicken Sandwich


NolaIt’s nice to see a local traditional dessert brand respond to the global rise in health awareness and formulate their own line of ‘free’ cupcakes for those of us with specific dietary allergies of preferences. Their free line of cupcakes includes gluten free, dairy free, and vegan options. Just remember that you need to place your order for these special items 24 hours in advance.

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Earthly Delights

earthly delightsWhether you want fudgey brownies, ginger cookies, ice cream, or coconut truffles, there’s bound to be something that is up your street at Earthly Delights. Everything is vegan and gluten free, no wheat, eggs, or dairy used. Currently they only have pickup option around the city or delivery to Maadi, but we would love to see them have their own store soon!

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The Little Oven

the little ovenDelicious, healthy desserts delivered right to your doorstep! You can opt for the dark chocolate almond tart or their refined sugar free, butter free, and flour free chocolate cake, amongst other mouth-watering options. The homemade vibe from TLO’s products gives their desserts an extra comforting sensation too.

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stavoltaIf you are after a quick dessert options while strolling, Maadi’s Stavolta is a great option. They have traditional Italian Gelato, but they also cater for anyone who is following a dairy free diet by serving dairy-free sorbets. Our personal favorite is the raspberry sorbet!

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