Hello self-care practitioners and wellness enthusiasts, it’s time for this week’s Crisp News!

This week we have some jaw-dropping updates in the areas of holistic healing and sustainability. Results of long research tell us why we should stop using supplements, and a doctor stepped up and tried plant-based remedies with diabetes patients!

We also have or beloved Egypt joining a charter to protect our species from extinction, and we have increased demands on vegan leather that animal leather associations are trying to stop!

Without further ado, here’s your Crisp News for this week!


1. Recent Studies Show We Should Stop Using Supplements?

While some of us have always known – intuitively – others were working on scientific proof.

Recent numbers from Google show that nearly 50% of people want to be healthier, according to their Google search activity. In the US, over 60% of people resort to taking supplements like vitamins and other dietary pills to add more nutrients to their diet.

It seems that vitamins and supplements are even more popular among people who are over 65 years old. 

Here’s the punchline

None of the supplements that people take is FDA approved. You can find this info on the FDA website. 

The FDA doesn’t regulate the supplements market, the market has been regulating itself since 1994. That’s not all, the FDA also says that some supplements contain strong substances and can be risky for your body. You can find that information in the FAQ section of the FDA website. 

Things have always been unclear that way until this recent study sealed the deal.

A study that’s been going on for 10 years and had over 30,000 participants concluded that vitamins and nutrients are only good for your health when they’re consumed through food. Not in tablets.

No amount of supplement can ever replace a good, healthy diet. Many nutritionists now believe that vitamins and supplements are in demand because they seem like an easier way to be healthy. It’s like taking a short-cut instead of starting a healthy lifestyle. 

What do you think about this opinion? We have a doctor in Slovakia who took a similar approach with her patients.

2. Slovakian Doctor Treats Diabetes with Plant-Based Diet

In a world where holistic healing is so controversial, if this isn’t a bold move I don’t know what is. 

A doctor in Slovakia started following Dr. Janka Lejavova’s Natural Food Interaction (NFI) method. The NFI method is a process that can remit diabetes by creating a plant-based diet for every patient. 

So, until now the patients who have gone through this process show a 96.5% Type 2 Diabetes remission rate. In medical terms, these results are insane! 

It only took 17 weeks of practice for a patient who’s had diabetes for years to see major changes. He’s lost 21kg and stopped taking medication. This is just one of the many success stories of the patients.

Does anyone else feel like we’re on the verge of a scientific breakthrough in health and wellness?

3. A Rise in Vegan-Labeled Products Is Scaring the Leather Market in Germany

The German Federation of Leather started a fight with NUUWAI, a vegan startup that is making leather out of apples which as you all know come from the Earth so are biodegradable. The federation seems to be upset about the fact that vegan leather shouldn’t be called “leather”, and that the term is misleading. 

The federation sent the startup a letter of “Cease and Desist”. This means that the startup is legally obligated to close down the business and never restart it as the owners are conducting illegal activity by using the term “Leather”.

People in Germany believe that the federation is getting defensive on the “leather” technicality because the vegan leather industry has been growing very fast. The industry has been a 25$ billion a year industry in 2017 and is still growing. 

It makes sense, though. Although the animal leather industry is still so much bigger than the vegan leather one, growing to 25$ billion in only 6 or 7 years is threatening to the industry. However, with more people becoming aware of our environmental issues, the switch to biodegradable products seems inevitable. 

At this rate, it will take more than a government-issued letter for unsustainable industries to keep going in the long term.


So, that’s what’s happening in the world, let’s see what’s happening in Egypt!

4. Egypt Joins Metz Charter on Biodiversity

The Metz charter is a collaboration between the European Commission in charge of the environment and ministers of African countries. The G7 summit on the 5th of May was hosted by the Egyptian Minister of the Environment.

The charter was made after it was proven worldwide that 1 million species of animals and plants on Earth are endangered and could be extinct in the next few decades, and it’s happening so fast. The biggest threat is to Africa.

This is a step forward for Africa to get more involved in saving the environment. Also, this isn’t the first time Egypt steps up. Egypt has already banned single-use plastic in Hurghada and the Red-sea months ago. You’ll find this in a previous Crisp News!


That sums up this week’s crisp news. 

We talked about people around the globe taking huge steps in holistic healing and sustainability. As we mentioned above, a doctor took her diabetic patients off their medicine and improved their health naturally, and some studies are showing the efficiency of dieting over taking supplements. In sustainability, Egypt is stepping up for the environment and vegan leather is on the rise!

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