On this week’s Crisp News, we have exciting events happening all over our planet.

We delve once more in stories relating to the environment and sustainability, and we felt very hopeful after getting to know these events.


Youtube Star Starts a 14-Million-Dollar Campaign to Plant Trees Because of a Meme

It all started when Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast) reached 20 million subscribers on youtube, his subscribers demanded that he plants 20 million trees as a challenge. They kept asking incessantly and created a lot of memes urging him to plant the trees, which led to the creation of a 14-million-dollar campaign called #Teamtrees, with the intention of it reaching 20 million to plant the trees.

The notable donators include Elon Musk (Tesla CEO) donating 1 million trees and MrBeast himself donating 200 thousand trees.

We always hear about tree planting events and initiatives but we never hear anything after the tree being planted. In this case, the Arbor day foundation (Jimmy’s partners in this campaign) is ensuring a high survivability rate with an estimate of as little as a 3% mortality rate, which is great.

It’s inspiring to see that the internet community has contributed greatly to the wellness of our planet.


A Japanese News Company Made a Newspaper That Can Be Composted with Seeds Embedded in It

Not exactly news but we found another event that we wanted to share related to tree planting and environmental sustainability. We’re really inspired by the efforts a lot of people are making to reverse climate change and have a suitable world to live in.

On this subject, a Japanese newspaper decided to make its paper completely from recycled and vegetable paper that can be composted after reading it. The newspaper is called The Mainichi and it is one of the oldest newspapers in Japan.

The Mainichi publisher’s instructions are to tear the newspaper into little pieces and plant them in soil and water the pot. Sprouts should start popping up within a few weeks.

With four million copies circulating every day, it’s a massive improvement and change on one of the most paper consuming businesses in the world.


A Kenyan Solar-Powered Facility Is Turning Ocean Water into Drinking Water

Another inspiring innovation is that a Kenyan facility is using solar power to desalinate ocean water and make it drinkable.

This process of desalination has been researched and implemented for thousands of years, and it’s very convenient to use the earth’s largest resource (seawater) for drinking and human wellness. This system, although straight to the point, is very energy-intensive.

GivePower is the company innovating in the field of solar power and desalination to become a leading force in sustainable water conversion.

The solar-microgrid system that GivePower has created can produce almost 75,000 liters of fresh drinking water each day.

It uses Tesla batteries for energy storage, and it uses two parallel pumps facilitating the grid running at all times, even when one pump requires attendance.

Locals pay about 3 Kenyan shillings for every four cups (one liter) of water which is about a half EGP.

That’s all for this week’s crisp news, it amazes us how honestly people are trying to help each other and take care of the planet in sustainable and diverse ways.

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