This week’s crisp news is published late; however, this week we’re featuring 3 different topics – which at the core are delivering the same message.

The message is how together, we can live more sustainably and take care of the living organism we call “Our Earth”.

So, without further introduction, let’s jump right into it.


Silk Might Be the New Sustainable Craze in the Skin Care Industry

The news that Silk might be used in its liquid form in skincare products, came as a bit of a surprise. As this notification is evidence of how dedicated the skincare industries are, in making sustainable products, with the intention of reducing harm to the environment.

So, how exactly is Silk going to be used?

Evolved by Nature (EBN), the company that created the formula extracting and activating Silk, explained it very simply by saying that they will use discarded silkworm cocoons and dissolve them in hot water and salt; which releases the silk protein from the fiber.

Although the extraction process may sound simple, there’s a very delicate balance to be put into consideration, to use Silk extraction on the skin, the protein has to be the right size and the right concentration.

The CEO of EBN explained the final product by comparing the silk protein giving the cell a big hug. If the hug is too tight, it won’t be nice for the cell, on the other end if it is too loose, the cell won’t feel the love.

According to EBN, product advertising will start in the next three to six months, and we can’t wait for the release of this revolutionary skincare product.

Silk Cream

A Dutch Company Started Making Plastic Roads

This innovative product is simply called “Plastic Road”, and it was first conceived by a Dutch company called KWS Infra.

Following this previous News Crisp, featuring a company taking plastic from oceans and upcycling it into bracelets.

These guys, on the other hand, are upcycling the plastic they accumulate into making plastic roads. Since inception, they have converted 1000 KG of Plastic into roads all over the Netherlands.

So far, they have created bike lanes all over the Netherlands as it’s known that the Dutch love cycling.

We’ll keep an eye on them to see how they progress from there and when they’ll be able to pave actual roads in the near future.


Ocean Cleanup Starts from the Rivers

Last but not least is a passion project of Boyan Slat, the 25-year-old founder of Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization that plans to clean (by catching plastic moved by the current) 1,000 of the world’s rivers.

Apparently, 1% of the world’s rivers are cause for 80% of the plastic currently in the world’s oceans. This is following the trend of cleaning up years and years of unaccountable behavior in regards to plastic usage and dumping in the ocean. And, it’s incredible how many organizations are working full-time to remedy the situation. Hopefully, we’ll live to see a more sustainable world thanks to these initiatives.

At the beginning of the project, they started with a device that passively collects from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The device since implementation went through several hurdles that didn’t satisfy the founder of the organization. To date, it has been developed extensively and going through more development. It has finally started working as planned for the past two months.

What’s really exciting is that Ocean Cleanup didn’t stop there, they manufactured a vessel that will collect plastic in the rivers before it gets to the oceans. It works like a conveyor belt, where it collects plastic and moves it to the designated area. The vessel is called the Interceptor. It can remove around 110 tons of plastic per day, and on top of all of that, the lights, sensors, and conveyor belt are 100% solar-powered.

The Ocean Cleanup built 4 prototypes so far and deployed two of them in Malaysia and Indonesia. They plan to cover all 1,000 rivers by 2025, and we’re definitely cheering for them!


Ocean Clean-up Parachute


Ocean Clean-up in Action


Keep an eye out for more weekly news about all the efforts being put by people and companies, into the betterment of the environment as it truly is inspiring.