This week’s crisp news is huge!

We have one of your favorite water brands going plastic-free! They have a long-term vision that might change the whole water production industry.

Also, we have the United States setting an example for switching to renewable energy.

Finally, we have more local projects to clean up the streets, as the ministry of education gives your kid a free bike.

So, without furthur ado and let’s dive!


1. Dasani Goes Plastic-Free

One of our favorite water brands worldwide, Dasani is launching a program aimed at reducing the production of plastic bottles. It looks like they listen to their customers.

Dasani is owned by Coca-Cola and let’s face it, water and soda companies produce more single-use plastic bottles than most. Many people have been attacking these companies saying “they produce plastic bottles, not water” and so on. 

Dasani Aluminum Cans Project

So, the director of Dasani announced that they’ll start producing water in aluminum cans, and then into aluminum bottles. 

Aluminum bottles seem like a more viable option than plastic. However, still the process of mining aluminum leaves a big carbon footprint, so, it isn’t the best solution for the long-term. Dasani’s president of the Environment and Sustainability Department is aware of that

Dasani Purefill Project

He’s working on vending machines that refill your water bottle for you! 

It’s sci-fi for the environment!

We’ll be seeing progress in that area over the next 5 years (depending on how their consumers perceive it of course).

Think about it, you might be a couple of years away from refilling your water bottle with mineral water on your morning run! 


On another note here, it seems like some states in the US. are ahead of the others in the environmental game. 

2. States Going 100% Renewable

California is stepping up! The legislator decided that by 2020 all power suppliers will be legally obligated to provide 60% of their power from renewable sources. 

If that’s not good enough for you, the program doesn’t end here, it’s an extended plan to make the energy in California 100% Renewable by 2050! 

It looks like California isn’t the only state to take that leap. I fact, 7 other states have taken steps to go 100% renewable energy over the last year. These are some examples.

  • Columbia and Puerto Rico started a program to completely end the use of coal by 2028 and committed to 100% renewable energy by 2050.
  • Washington has its energy supply 70% run by renewable energy already! They’re going towards a coal-free Washington by 2025, and carbon-free 20 years later.
  • New Mexico, New York, and Nevada are all part of a program to go have their energy sources 100% from renewable energy by 2050.

This has been an environmentalist fantasy ever since they taught us about renewable energy at school. More states are catching up with the 100% program. Who knows? Maybe other nations will follow the states’ example in the future.

On a more national note, some interesting stuff has been going on in Egypt.

3. Africa’s First Vertical Forest In Egypt

The Italian architect, Stefano Boeri intends to make our new capital greener. He’s planning on building 3 blocks of 7 story vertical forests. Two of these buildings will be apartments, and the third will be a hotel.

The blocks will have nearly 350 trees and around 14,000 bushes. They will be producing 8 tons of Oxygen and taking in 7 tons of Carbon Dioxide annually. This will improve the air quality for the people living their, or the guests accommodating the soon to be built hotel.

Boeri is a very popular architect, and people know him as the designer of “Bosco Verticale” which are 2 vertical forest towers in Milan. 

Boeri and Shaimaa Shalash, an Egyptian designer said that they’ll start implementing the project by 2020. It seems like the ultimate plan is to introduce more green areas in Cairo and other industrial cities. So, here’s to some hope!

4. More From Environmental Startups


Dawar, The New Street Cleaning App 

Dawar is a mobile application that allows users to report an area that needs cleaning to the waste collection company, and they send people to clean it! It’s a great way for many environmentalists on social media to help.

The app is only currently active in Maadi and Tora, but it’s been attracting more users and is sure to grow. So, next time you see garbage in the street, you can now do something about it!

Ministry Of Education Giveaway Bicycles

At the moment, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Sports are creating a plan to provide students in Egypt with bikes for transportation! That’s great new for you parents with kids who don’t like gym class.

Seriously though, the ministry is working with some universities to plan the logistics around the project. They’re paving set roads and parking lots for bikes before they start executing it.  

If everything goes well, they might announce a mobile app next year that allows university students to register for their bikes, to be used inside the university grounds.

Let’s Wrap Up!

This week’s Crisp News sure was feisty! (With the Vertical forest and all). 

This week we had an Italian Architect who choose Egypt as the place for the first vertical forest in Africa. We had our Minister of Education give away free bikes for your kid’s health. 

Internationally, we had Dasani announce their water vending machines program, as well as the US. going for renewable energy!

Now send this with all your tree hugging environment loving buddies.