Hey everyone, it’s time for Crisp News!

This week’s news starts on a low note, as Alaska’s ice has melted at the highest rate in history this year. However, it ends with some incredible news about a G7 country investing in clean energy and promising to be carbon-free by 2050!

We also have an automotive company that built the first-ever, full-electric charging station in the US; and we have KitKat decreasing their plastic consumption in Japan while making it fun.

Let’s dive right into it.

Alaska’s Seas Ice Completely Melted This Summer

Meanwhile, some people are saying: “There is no climate crisis!”

It’s not news that the sea ice in Alaska melts every year in the summer, and the melted ice comes back after the season is over. What’s new here, is that in July Alaska’s sea ice was all gone! The nearest visible ice to Alaska today is about 150 miles away.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, in 2017 Alaska’s ice completely melted at the end of the summer. However, this year the rate of melting was much faster; so fast that all the ice was gone byJuly! Not only that, but it’s also taking longer for the melted ice to come back.

If this isn’t a wake-up call, we don’t know what could be. We can’t keep on denying the urgency of climate change to the point of finding ourselves rowing to work every morning. (You know?! because the world will be filled with water…no? ok, next)


Japan Does It Again, KitKat Origami Paper


In Japan, the KitKat company decided to replace the plastic wrapping paper with Origami paper. On the wrapper, there are instructions teaching customers to fold the wrapping paper into a crane. Cranes are the symbol of hope and healing in Origami. This switch is going to save 380 tons of plastic being produced, annually. 

In Japan, KitKat sells over 4 million minibars, daily. So, this change will have a big impact. 

The Nestle company is also planning to eventually switch to 100% sustainable packaging by 2025, which is a promise Nestle has made back in 2016. 

The First US Only Electric Charging Gas Station in Maryland

It’s happening sooner than we all thought it would.

Depewsar Doley is the owner of RS Automotive, which has been around since 1958. He’s decided to go all-in and establish a gas station that is entirely for electric cars. (I guess it’s called an electric charging station, now.)

Doley reached that decision not only because it’s for a good cause, but also because it’s practical! He said that when he does business with an oil or gas company, he doesn’t make any money as a result of their restrictive contracts.

However, Doley said that his 17-year-old daughter was the one to seal the deal. She talked to him about climate change and how she believes that every gas station owner should be looking towards a similar goal as well.

The great thing about Doley’s decision is that it’s practical, which means that more gas station owners may be willing to make this switch in the future.

While we’re still on clean energy, we have some news for you. We like to keep the best news for last.


England Now Has the World’s Largest Wind Turbines for Clean Energy

England is planning to be completely carbon neutral by 2050.

In Dogger Bank, the English government is working with GE Renewable Energy to build the world’s largest wind turbines. Each wind turbine will have the power to supply 16,000 homes with electricity. 

This news makes England the first G7 country to have a serious plan in eliminating its carbon footprint by 2050.

The project is called Haladie-X and GE Renewable Energy said that they’re planning to expand this project to other countries once succeeding with England. 

The project will see light in 2023. By then, the turbines will power over 4.5 million homes in England every year. 


To sum up this week’s Crisp News, let’s say that more and more people are invested in climate change.

Today, we have an entire G7 country investing in clean energy; which means, we can safely say that our hope in humanity is restored.

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