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This week’s Crisp News is ecstatic! We have scientists who are finding new ways to test chemicals that don’t involve animal cruelty. This news is a follow-up for what we talked about in an earlier Crisp News. If you hadn’t read it, yet, go and read about it here.

We also have some more big companies that are reducing their plastic consumption, and we have a very large corporation making the biggest contribution to clean energy in history.

Let’s dive right into it.


Burger Kings Bans Plastic Toys in the UK

Looks like Greta isn’t the only kid who’s making an impact.

So, 7 and  9-year-old sisters, Caitlyn and Ellan, wrote a letter to Change.com telling them that they want Burger King to stop producing single-use plastic. In the letter, they wrote that they only play with these toys for a couple of minutes before they throw them away. 

Anyway, this – very cute – and effective advance led Change.org to start a petition for Burger King to stop producing plastic toys, and over half a million UK citizens signed it. On September 24th, Burger King announced that they will stop producing plastic toys in the UK.

That’s not everything, Burger King started a collaboration with a recycling company and they started a plan to collect all their plastic toys, and plastic toys from other competitors to recycle them and use them to make new items, so they’ll be saving around 320 tons of plastic annually.

To top it off, the CEO of Burger King said that the company is committing to be 100% sustainable, worldwide, by 2025.

Next, we have even more good news!

Scientists Find Efficient Alternatives to Animal Testings

This change will be legen- wait 15 years for it -dary. Legendary!

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has – for a while – been making the point that animal testing isn’t only cruel, but also it costs a lot of money and the information it provides isn’t always accurate. So, they’ve been raising tons of money to research better ways to test medicine. It’s a long story that we wrote about in an earlier Crisp News. You can read about it here.

The real news here is this. They have found more accurate ways to test chemicals. Some of these ways are a 3D replica of the human skin. This will help people test chemicals that are related to dermatology. Also, there are microchips that develop human organisms for doctors to run tests of lung and heart medicines (Yeah, I was impressed too.)

The EPA said that they might be able to perfect these alternatives by 2035. After all, animal tests are how humans have been testing chemicals since Aristotle was still here. So, we can safely say it’s about time for us to make use of our technology and come up with a better way.

Next, we have another brand cutting down its plastic consumption.

The Marriott Bans Hotel Mini Toiletries

Now, there’ll be nothing for Ross to steal at hotels.

About a month ago, the Intercontinental Hotels Group became the first in the hospitality business to stop using single-use plastic toiletries. Now, The Marriott, which is the biggest hospitality business is promising to stop producing mini toiletries in all of its 7000 properties. 

It’s fun to see so many brands respond to our will to protect our planet. The head of sustainability at the Marriott said that they will start the plan by 2020. The plan is to replace the mini toiletries with large pump bottles. In other words, the guests will have one or two bottles of large bottles of shampoo instead of 12 single-use mini bottles. 

In case you’re wondering how this plan helps the environment, replacing the mini toiletries with larger bottles would save 1.7 million pounds of plastic from being produced, annually. That’s a lot of plastic. 

Speaking of large companies helping the environment, we have one of the largest corporations in the world chipping in!


Google Invests $2 Billion in Clean Energy

Not too shabby for one of the largest tech companies.

Google has been investing in clean energy for a while. However, this week they made the largest clean energy deal in the world, as of yet. They decided to invest $2 billion in solar and wind energy. No matter how you look at it, that’s some real money to put into something. 

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google said that this purchase is part of a grand scheme to produce more electricity than a city like Washington DC produces using other resources. Google will own over 5.5 GigaWatts of clean energy which is equal to a million solar panels.

Let’s stay on this for a while. Successful business people don’t make decisions that are only based on their emotions (and they wouldn’t spend $2 billion in the process.) Google may be willing to become the first large corporation to tune into clean energy because it wants to become a pioneer and set the example for many other companies and governments that will, inevitably, have to produce clean energy as well.

Google is stepping up this time, and they’re outlining how humans will be using more sustainable sources of energy in the future.


This concludes this week’s Crisp News.

We decided to keep the best news until the end. Google investing so much money in clean energy is a huge win for the environment. We are glad that someone with so much power understands that saving the environment isn’t only a noble cause, it’s also practical. 

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