This week, we’re mostly tackling new ways that are being developed to clean the earth from years of unaccountable “littering” from companies as well as individuals.

So, let’s jump right into it!

2 Surfers Are Cleaning Plastic from the Oceans and Turning It into Neat Plastic Bracelets

They have been at it for 2 years now, while it seemed to be a radical idea at the start. And, it honestly was!

Since their founding, they have collected more than 2.5 million kilograms of plastic and converted them into plastic bracelets.

Environmental impacts aside, the bracelets are actually neat and fashionable.

Recently though, they stated facing some criticism as per how expensive the bracelet is considering that their organization is supposedly non-profit.

As a response, they provided access to analytical data that can be directly tracked in real-time on their website. This data shows that the amount of plastic being collected is directly going into the manufacturing of the bracelets.

The fact that they are collecting plastic in itself is a major step forward in the cleaning of the oceans along with the rising of global awareness on the recycling and limiting of plastic use.

Here is a picture of the amazing bracelets the surfers are producing.


Recycled Plastic Bracelets

MIT Engineers Developing Innovative Ways to Purify Air from Carbon Dioxide

We can finally check this one off of our “Ways to Reverse Climate Change Wishlist”, as this new way of removing carbon dioxide from air proves to be very useful in reversing climate change effects.

What makes this method distinct is that it works with low concentrations, which are typically found in the air.

So far, the methods developed have been removing carbon dioxide from streams of air which are higher in carbon dioxide concentration.

This method is also promised to consume less energy and resources; according to researchers, this technology uses about one gigajoule (energy measurement) per ton of carbon dioxide captured.


Nepal Upcycles Trash Collected on Mount Everest

Living in a city like Cairo is the reason why some of us might be “desensitized” to trash on the streets; however, it gets especially irritating to find a candy wrapper in a deserted mountain or on the beach.

Following the same logic, the Nepalese residents and organizations such as Blue Waste to Value (BW2V) and Moware Designs have been up-cycling waste materials collected on Mount Everest.

The Nepalese efforts are to combat waste dumping in an environment that is supposed to be one of the most peaceful and natural areas in the world.

The government of Nepal also implemented a 4,000 dollars trash deposit per team, which is refunded when each climber brings down at least eight kilograms of waste.

It looks like a good step; yet, it is not enough since only half of the climbers returned with their trash.

BW2V and other organizations are also putting efforts into raising awareness by asking trekkers every year to collect at least one kilogram of trash to be recycled in Kathmandu.

It’s all so wonderful how people are actively taking initiatives to reverse climate change and save what can be saved of the earth.

These constantly diverse news pieces are continually restoring our faith in humanity and reversing the major issues that have been arising as a result of excessive consumerism.

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