In this week’s edition of Crisp News, we’re giving you the latest updates when it comes to health, wellness, and saving the environment.

This week we’re telling you about people in Egypt who are collaborating to save the environment, people who use technology in their homes to benefit their, and people who eat their coffee mugs! Stick around, you’ll want to read about it all. 

For the peice de reseistance We also have an Egyptian environmentalist Willy Wonka who built his house using recycled waste!


Let’s actually start with him, 

1. Egyptian Environmentalist Builds A House Of Recycled Waste

Taimur El-Hadidi decided 6 years ago that he’s going to build the first house in Cairo that’s made entirely using recycled concrete in Sheikh Zayed! 

He says that he extracted the recycled concrete he used from the concrete remains of demolished buildings. 

Here’s the best part. Usually, people throw these remains in the desert and they spend thousands of years just hanging out there. 


After the January 25th Revolution, Taimur wanted to step up and do something for himself and the country, so he did this. He says that the majority of people in Egypt will eventually become aware of the environmental issues after we’ve coughed up enough smoke. 


The man hopes that his idea would be realized in more places like this and that this spot will one day be a place to create a new kind of tourism in Cairo!!


On another note, more people are trying to save the environment in other ways… 


2. Foreign Investment Program To Save The Environment 

The Ministry of Environment was able to raise nearly $60 Million for a project that would reduce the industrial pollution in Egypt by 75%.


The current minister, Yasmine Fouad says that the European Union, the European Investment Bank, the French Agency, and the KfW are the donors who will make this program possible! Hats off to Europe. 


But what’s all that money for? I thought the same thing. 


It seems like the ministry’s dreaming big; They’re planning on using agricultural and municipal waste to replace fuel as a source of energy. This can truly be a start to a cleaner Egypt! 



Foreigners aren’t the only ones making investments, though, 


3. Go Clean and Banque Du Caire Collab

The Egyptian environmentalist startup, Go Clean, will recycle your waste, one fish at a time. (Sorry, I had to)


Go Clean collaborated with Banque Du Caire to make big fish-shaped, cotton garbage bags and put them on different beaches in Bianchi, Hacienda, and Lavista. Go Clean will recycle the waste thrown in there right away, instead of it going through the normal process. 


That’s all so nice. 

But, is it cooler than let’s say, edible coffee mugs? 


4. Coffee Mugs You Can Eat

Lavazza is now producing edible coffee mugs to take away some of the plastic mug consumption. In case you were wondering, they’re made out of cookies!


They made the coffee mugs out of cookies and processed sugar to withstand hot drinks. I can’t help but wonder if they hired Oompa Loompas for this.

What’s great about this is that it’s easy to implement. In fact, some cafés that deal with Lavazza have already introduced this in their menu! 

So next time you’re having coffee, ask for your free cookie mug! 


On another note,

5. Ikea Stopped Selling Single-Use Plastic

News from Ikea says that they’ll ban single-use plastic in all their international stores starting next year.  That’s not all. They say that they’re making plans to produce more stuff that can be repaired and recycled. 

The reason why this is huge is that Ikea is making this change very quickly! It might push other big brands to follow their footsteps! 


6. Oat Milk, Oat Milk, Oat Milk, 

Starbucks might soon have oat milk on their menu! 

News from Oatly, the oat milk brand say that their demand has been rising and they have to produce 1250% more oat milk to cover!  The reason why oat milk is different from other alternatives (almond and coconut) is its creamy texture! Also, it doesn’t have that nutty taste that we need to get used to. 


If you avoid dairy milk, there is a huge chance you’ve tried to stir up your own oat milk at home! But, starting this year you might see oat milk being served in your favorite places.  In fact, a certain brand created an oat milk ice-cream! 


Speaking of food, it seems like your house will be able to regulate your diet for you! 


7. Folks using Home Tech for Self-Care

Double-edged weapon and everything, I have to say that technology has been great to us in the last decade. (I’m glass half full that way.) Google Home and Amazon Echo (Alexa) are now cooking up some new ways to have your own home help you with your self-care routine. 

There is a new product called Mirror, which is a smart mirror you install in your home and it doubles as your fitness trainer according to your own body type and needs! 

Also, there is a fridge that will adjust to your diet and tell you what to eat if you need more energy to go to work. 

To make it better, there is a mattress that determines your sleeping patterns and tells you what you need to have better sleep, or examine you and tell you why you haven’t been sleeping well. 


Not too bad for a double-edged weapon! 

In time, Home Tech will become your best friend when it comes to keeping up with your self-care needs. 


Let’s Wrap Up!

This week has been very kind to the environment! Not only has the Ministry of Environment collaborated with international banks to provide an alternative for fuel.

Also, companies and startups are launching heavy campaigns to help with the plastic issue our country is facing. Go Clean is recycling your trash, and Lavazza is making edible mugs to replace plastic and paper single-use ones. To top it off, as we mentioned above, an Egyptian environmentalist has built his own house out of recycled waste. 

On a more international note, Ikea is going plastic-free by next year, companies are finally adopting oat milk, and your home will be able to help you with your self-care routine! 


Send this to someone who needs to read at least one piece of news mentioned here and see you all on the next Crisp news!