For anyone who wants to eat healthy but just doesn’t have the time to cook, this one is for you. NRepublic is a growing local brand that delivers high quality, nutritious food right to your doorstep to nourish you and your family. Find out more about the brand in our interview with the founders Tarek El Dars and Noha Abou Sitta.

Give us an idea about what NRepublic is and what it offers:
Nourishing, Nutritious, and Natural; this is where ‘N’ comes from. NRepublic is our food republic. We have a large food selection on our menu with various options for breakfast, lunch, supper, or simply as a healthy snack. We try to maximize the health benefits and nutrients you can get in each single bite. This is why we hide veggies and fruit inside most of our food items. All our items are prepared then frozen so they can be easily taken out of the freezer and prepared in a few minutes. Freezing also preserves most of the nutrients in food. The preparation of food, recipes, and storage is done following strict guidelines since my wife is already working as a health coach.

The idea behind NRepublic:
The awareness of how important it is to eat nourishing food has recently increased. However, this made life harder for many of us since we feel guilty if we eat junk food. Yet we feel we can’t do anything about it for so many hindering reasons, whether it is that we have picky eaters at home, or we work for so many long hours and have no time to prepare food ourselves, or we aren’t really into cooking. NRepublic is there to provide quick, but nutritious, meals that require minimal preparation.


The kind of client NRepublic caters for:
NRepublic is here to help people like us who have the same struggles. We cater for anyone who wants to eat healthier, but feels like they don’t have the time or skills.

The best sellers:
Chicken nuggets, chicken strips, and turkey meatballs.

Your personal favorite item on the menu:
Whole wheat waffles with our all natural almond butter; it’s my daily breakfast!


How to order?
The best way is to check our menu on our Facebook page, then send us a message with your order, address and phone number. After that, we deliver your order frozen to your doorstep.

The secret to a healthier and happier lifestyle:
Believing that health brings happiness with it is the key. A few think that healthy food is boring or is for people who suffer from a certain illness, thus they believe if you eat healthy food, you can never enjoy life.

At NRepublic we believe that health brings happiness with it, the better you eat the lighter you will feel, and the more energetic. When we say health, we mean psychological health as much as physical.

The biggest personal challenges to staying healthy:
We won’t sugar-coat things. There are many challenges, but biggest of all are:
1. Finding the right ingredients, with regards to quality and availability
2. The Pricing.

We sell the same food that we ourselves eat at home and we don’t compromise on the quality because, for us, it is just like going for a cheap medicine that will not help with your disease and might even make you sicker. We believe you should never compromise on the quality of food that you eat, because your cells will be made up of this kind of food and this is where the worldly known phrase comes in;”You are what you eat”.

Of course, in order to ensure the quality of food you usually have to pay more. Also we can go miles just to get the ingredients from their source to ensure they were brought in as fresh as possible. Moreover, sometimes the market we buy from runs off of a few imported ingredients we buy because we still can’t find a local one with the same standard of quality. When this happens, we discontinue the item until we stock up again.


A healthy habit to start your day off right:
I love to have a hot drink in the morning before I start to eat. My most favorite hot drink is a mix of ginger, honey and red Korean ginseng.

Best tip for getting children to eat healthy nutritious food:
Patience and a positive attitude towards food and variations in how you serve food to them. As they say, ‘the eye eats before the mouth’, so pay attention to how food is presented to them because it makes a huge difference. Always remember that you are their role model, so model healthy eating habits to them and don’t bring junk home so they won’t be tempted by what is not around them.

Some foods you never feed your kids:
Foods that contain chemical ingredients such as MSG or hydrogenated fats, or that are high in sugar like high fructose corn syrup. Also, I don’t allow products that contain what is commercially called diet sugar, such as aspartame. The more they are God-made the better.

NRepublic’s vision and goals:
NRepublic is the first of its kind in Egypt and will be the leading company that offers healthy prepared food in Egypt and the Middle East.

Some people believe the health craze in Egypt is just a fad. Do you agree?
I believe it has just started and will continue to grow. Fads that don’t last are the meaningless ones that don’t really add anything important to your life, and you can easily live without them. Healthy eating is a lifestyle that once you try it you fall in love; you get addicted to healthy foods and grow a natural intolerance to artificial and junk food.