Gadget freaks unite! We have compiled our favorite new crisp gadgets to make your health journey easier and more enjoyable. Check out our picks below.

fitbitThe FitBit fitness wristband tracks your activity and sleep patterns throughout the day. The range of products focus on how your whole day adds up in terms of living a fit and active lifestyle, rather than just the hour you spend at the gym. By connecting the gadget to the fitbit app on your phone, you can also keep track of the food you are eating and monitor your progress. If you are looking for a well rounded lifestyle gadget to invest in, this one is for you. Find out more info here.

Gyenno Cup
gyenno cupThis is not just another water bottle, the Gyenno cup assesses how much water your body needs, alerts you to drink periodically throughout the day, and customizes your water temperature too. It even has a built-in social aspect so you can send your loved ones reminders to take a drink and monitor their water intake throughout the day alongside your own. Find out more info here.

Phone Glucose Meter
phone glucose meterIf you are a diabetes patient, you will need to constantly be on top of your blood glucose levels. This new Verio Sync Blood Glucose Meter sends automatic wireless results to your phone and displays your daily results in an easy to read graph, to help you keep track of how you are doing. Find out more info here.

nimaNima is the world’s first portable gluten sensor. Simply place any food or liquid you want to test into the device and find out if it contains gluten or not in just 2 minutes. For anyone who is a coeliac/gluten intolerant, this is like Christmas! We cannot wait to see this technology being implemented to test for dairy and nuts too, to cater for everyone’s allergies. Find out more info.

reliefbandReliefband is a wearable technology for reducing nausea symptoms during pregnancy and in anyone who suffers from motion sickness. The band works by modulating your neuron responses and helping to restore normal gastric rhythms. Find out more info here.