Its the perfect time to give your closet a detox and make room for some breezy fashion choices. A wardrobe detox is a great way to make back some money. You can start by asking yourself “how many times have I worn those pants or that romper dress? If the answer is never, then its time to sell it. You don’t have to hold on to your fashion choices forever just because you spent money on buying them. You can resell your clothes and make money (and room) for items that are more you.

“Fashion never dies” There’s never been a truer statement. Every single person on this planet has his/her own style and fashion brands launch new lines every other day. We always want to buy the latest clothes, shoes, and watches… but we can’t afford to keep up with the fast flow. We all know the huge spending obstacles we face in Egypt – the Egyptian pound is diving downwards and prices are flying up high. As a result, people are starting to consider the pre-owned products market, either to buy at lower prices or resell to increase their own spending power.

Moving into the secondhand market is a small step but it will make a big difference; you just need to know which are the fastest selling products. It’s a bit tricky on peer to peer platforms; mobile phones & gadgets may seem like a quick buck to you, but when you jump into the trenches between buyers and sellers, you find that it’s true that fashion never dies! T-shirts, pants, bag, jackets, watches and all fashion related products are the leaders in the pre-owned market.


On average, there is about 18,000 EGP of used products lying around unused at home or in your closet. This is untapped money that can be turned into cash. People are struggling to sell their products because of the hassle and risk of peer-to-peer selling, which involves a lot of steps which include having to set up a meeting with your buyer – which may be difficult if you are not near each other – and haggling over a price.

Cizlo offers the quickest and most convenient way to sell and buy products and capture their value. Users request to sell their products that they no longer need, from the comfort of their homes, hassle-free. Cizlo picks up the product, revamps, cleans, and sterilizes it, and deliver it to the buyer upon order. The buyer is provided with a platform on which they can buy high-quality secondhand products from home.

Sell Fashion, get some more cash, buy fashion & repeat!