In a time when our whole lives seem to be moving at fast forward speed, detoxing is an attractive, quick solution for weight loss, more energy, a healthier liver (and whatever other claims you have read on detox products). Things can get confusing between all the different detox options out there, and today we are here to separate the myths from the facts.

Water Detox
Detox waters are delicious, while none of the ingredients in the water will directly cleanse your liver, drinking more water is generally healthier and will benefit every organ in your body. Water hydrated the liver and encourages toxins in your kidneys to leave your body via urination. So, if adding a cinnamon stick to your water bottle helps you drink more of it then by all means go ahead, however, don’t be fooled into thinking that it will make it nutritionally superior to drinking standard plain water.

Side Effects: Albeit ineffective aside from hydrating, detox water is not harmful unless you guzzle it down in very large amounts. Consuming an excessive amount of lemons in your water could also cause an acidic environment in your body, which causes erosion of teeth enamel and disturbs digestion.

24 Hour Fasting Detox
This fasting style involves taking a 24 hour break from food once or twice per week. During the fast, you can only water or other liquid calorie-free drinks. Once the fast is over, you go back to eating normally. The problem with this type of detox method is that it encourages a binge-style eating. The other issue? It doesn’t work. What you eat throughout the rest of your week will override the 24 hour fast you will be depriving your body in. The cleansing and detoxing processes in your body require energy, and giving your body no energy for 24 hours will just cause all of your body’s major organs to go into power saving mode and not do much.

Side Effects: This type of fasting encourages an unhealthy eating pattern. Dizziness and lack of productivity is common during the fasting periods.

Juice Cleanse
The idea that you can flush all the toxins from your body and leave your organs squeaky clean after a few days of juicing (or a few days of anything else for that matter) isn’t possible, as much as we would like it to be. The claims of many juice cleanses are often too farfetched in comparison to effective results, especially considering the short amount of time they last that generally ends with you back into previous eating patterns that made you want to start the detox in the first place.

Side Effects: Dizziness, headaches, constipation, and a general lack of energy.

TDC Approved Detox
Our TDC approved 3 day detox is the perfect plant based diet to give you a clear foundation of what a healthy diet is like. By giving up all possible allergens such as dairy, wheat and meat products you are reducing inflammation throughout your body and giving your digestive system a chance to clear itself out instead of constantly being overloaded with too many nutrients.