Spending the late teenage years and coming into adulthood watching Sex and the City really did teach so many of us invaluable lessons. Love or hate the show, it’s one that millions of women have related to in their lives, whether it was through the characters themselves- “Oh my God, stop being such a Charlotte”- or through the range of situations or experiences they found themselves in. There is a timeless truth in it, despite the high rent and high fashion of New York City most of us will never live in, that makes girls’ nights and returning to some episodes after your own experience only to think, “Wow, so damn true”. Here are some of our favorite truth bomb moments from Sex and the City:

On Soulmates:
soulmates S&TC

On Self Love
SelfLove S&TC

On Breakups
breakups S&TC
…and it doesn’t include a Post-it!

On Gossip
gossip S&TC

On Being Yourself
yourself S&TC

On Waiting to Get Married

In the end it was 4 girlfriends getting through life, one relationship and life milestone at a time. This is exactly what makes us so excited for the new HBO series coming this fall starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Divorce. More than a decade after the end of Sex and the City, we’ve all pretty much found ourselves or best friends living through one or more scenario from the 6 seasons, and now that we’re older we can guarantee we’re going to need some guidance from the truth and wisdom sure to be delivered in Divorce. Because let’s face it: the ideals and standards of relationships have actually evolved in the last decade and an half, and because we all literally know someone or are that someone who is divorced. Bring it SJP, we’re waiting with arms wide open!