Once you get used to drinking a green smoothie everyday, your skin, body and energy will start to improve. You will start craving it more and more. It might sound weird to blend vegetables and drink them in a smoothie but I don’t care what it sounds like as long as it tastes delicious and makes me healthier.

Drinking a green smoothie will allow you to incorporate a large amount of greens into your diet that you wouldn’t be able to eat otherwise. Eating large amounts of green vegetables in a salad can be difficult – you can only eat so much. So the easiest way to consume a greater amount is by putting them in a smoothie which includes about 2-4 cups of dark leafy vegetables.

Why greens? Leafy green vegetables have more valuable nutrients than any other food group. But to really benefit and get the most nutrients out of them, we have to chew the greens until they become creamy in our mouths, and most of us won’t ever chew that much. Therefore, blending the greens makes the nutrients readily available to the body.

 Green smoothies are an excellent source of fiber in your diet as well. Fiber is important for ongoing cleansing and detoxing by taking out toxins on a regular basis. It also helps to keep you more full so you end up eating less empty calories throughout the day.

Start out by drinking a green smoothie first thing in the morning and increase the serving as you get used to it.