Refresh any dull bathroom with these quick and easy and budget-friendly decor tips. These simple tips will take your bathroom from tired to fresh. For a space that we spend oh-so-many hours in, giving it an occasional upgrade will only spruce it up and make it look brand new. We’re not talking about any major face lifts and big installations, just a couple of tips and tricks to freshen up your dull bathroom. These 10 tips, from adding coat hangers to a new coat of paint, will help you bring a sparkle back to your bathroom and keep it looking stylish.

Buy A New Curtain

A simple colorful curtain, or a nice pattern will bring back life into this oft-forgotten space in the house. Opt for patterns that will stand out and add to a little bit of pop and color to your bathroom instead of just blending in.


Put Up Wall Frames

More often than not, bathroom walls tend to be left bare with a simple wall paper or tile behind. Just like you would accessorize and bedazzle your walls in any other room in the house, do the same to your bathroom (preferably with pictures that are easy on the eyes). It will make it more cozy, flow better with the overall decor of the house and give you something to look at.

435f0df4cbb4ecec634a4d05015fd867Toilet Freshener

Nothing says fresh like having a toilet freshener installed to keep all smells at bay and the toilet clean. General BLOCKS is the product to keep in your bathroom at all times, just in case you’re ever left any unwanted surprises in there!


Install Coat Hooks

Add a few coat hooks in your bathroom to hang up towels, robes, or even your sponges and loofahs. Not only are the practical organizational hack but they also give your bathroom an upgraded feel.

998d38a5478a5b4c2769699482388e07More Light

Insufficient lighting can sometimes be enough to make a space dull and boring. With proper lighting, you’ll be able to see yourself in the mirror without squinting. Light up a tired-looking bathroom by replacing outdated light fixtures with new and stronger ones.

114f660da84c4e5652fb26170ecaae0bPaint A Wall

You don’t have to repaint your whole bathroom, but you’ll be amazed at how far a splash of color on one of the walls will go towards brightening up your bathroom. Opt for a bold color or a pale tone to just one of the walls to bring more life to it.
101623916-jpg-rendition-largestStorage Shelves

A simple storage unit will help you create a more organized bathroom as well as adding to it’s overall aesthetic.
101793544-jpg-rendition-largestAdding labeled jars and baskets to your storage will help keep your more organized and definitely upgrade your bathroom!aaae3a88fe8eb06c3683ad6a68ccf173

Harmonious Color Palette

Nothing says super organized quite like monochrome. Get new bathroom towels, accessories, curtains, etc. in one color to make a neater and prettier bathroom.
102157407-jpg-rendition-largestAdd Flowers & Plants

Bring some greenery into your bathroom by adding a houseplant or two. Not only do they create a visually pleasing space but they are also natural indoor air purifiers.

a436e9dede5dbb3b1e074bfd571e993fScented Soaps and Candles

Keep scented soaps and candles around your bathroom to create a rich aroma all day long and give your bathroom a spa-like, luxurious feel!