Hydration is just as much about what we eat as it is about how much liquids we take into our body. Yes, we need two litres (eight glasses) of water each day but we also need to up our intake of foods with a high water content and ‘eat our water’, especially during the hot summer months. Plus, it is recommended that 20% of your daily water intake should come from food, not liquids. And more than anything, we need water – hydration – for the proper functioning of every single cell in our body. Water carries nutrients and hormones through our bodies, regulates body temperature, cushions our joints and even lubricates our eyes. Here are a few of the most hydrating foods out there for filling you up right.

BroccoliBBC Food Website - Vegetables (20th February 2012)

Hydration is just one of many reasons why you should be adding broccoli to your diet. The super vegetable is made up of 91% water and packed with vitamin K, vitamin C, and folate. My favourite way to have broccoli is to simply sauté in a pan with some olive oil, garlic, chilli and lime until perfectly crisp. It makes the perfect side dish to any meal.