Often viewed by Muslims as the hardest of the five daily prayers is the Fajr prayer that comes while most people are deep in sleep. While the Athan calls out: al-salaatu khayrun min alnawm which means “Prayer is Better Than Sleep,” Muslims get out of bed at early hours just to perform this prayer. Unknowingly, they are doing something  more than just fulfilling one of the pillars of Islam, they are decreasing their risk of suffering a stroke.

In an Interview with Sheikh Khaled El Guindi, a well renowned doctor of Internal Medicine, Dr. Hossam Mowafi discusses how regular Fajr prayer helps protects against heart clots. While at a medical convention, one realization by a German doctor shook this Egyptian doctors beliefs and made him realize one thing about fajr prayer that is not known to many Muslims.

The realization goes as follows; 80% of strokes tend to occur around 8am. Previous studies have shown that blood pressure tends to be highest during the morning. When we fall asleep, our blood circulation is weakened increasing the risk of blood clots. In order for the body to protect itself from this, the veins need to become tighter to allow for a better and quicker blood flow. This is why when we fall asleep a certain substance is released, by our bodies, to tighten the veins and allow for better blood circulation. At 8am our veins are at their tightest and thus this is why strokes tend to occur at that time.

Quoting the German Doctor, he noted that this happens to everyone except those who wake up in the middle of the night and then sleep again. To break the release of this substance, so that when the clock strikes 8am they are very safe and healthy.

From Fajr athan: 

Prayer Is Better Than Sleep

الصلاة خير من النوم

Muslims tend to think that fajr prayer is hard, waking up in the middle of the night and getting up. But what most Muslims don’t realize is that getting up in the middle of the night can help you prevent getting a stroke. Fajr prayer is so much better than staying asleep.

Today, if anyone from a different faith is at risk of getting a stroke it is recommended that they wake up and walk around the house, around 3am or 4am, and then sleeps again to decrease their risk of suffering a stroke.

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