We have come to the closure of the year 2017 and this is the time to reflect on what we have achieved during the year and also acknowledge the success of those around us. Every year, and more so every Ramadan, we all look forward to the always-creative TV ads. We wait for the catch phrases that stick with us all year long and the tunes that keep playing over and over in our heads. Discussing advertisements has become a tradition, which got us thinking why certain ads have stuck with us until the end of the year and others have been lost in our memories? Relatability, informative, Creativity & Humor.

We now know that we won’t accept “ma7adesh 3amelak 7esab” because EG Bank appreciate us. Anyone who had no idea about our national team got to know that cooper has the final say (ee i ee i o) and all thanks to FP7/CAI, one of the leading advertising agencies in Cairo

There are  several ads from this year that have really intrigued and impressed us Egyptians for really finding new and innovative ways to speak to the people. Egyptians love nothing more than good old humor and finding an ad that they can relate to (no foreigners or unrelated content go appreciated anymore!)

When looking at some of our favorite ads from this past year, like the Labanita’s Awdet Sawsan W Soad ad, we found that FP7/CAI have really been curating advertisements that hit close to home. Their ads speak to a whole community and manage to hit on some universal truths that allow us to remember these campaigns years and years after they first began.   FP7/CAI has had a rewarding 2017, they won several awards during this past year from 11 different prestigious award shows! Their work this year has been remarkable, as portrayed by their Cannes 2017 ranking for leading agency in Egypt; a prestigious and rightly-deserved award.

In celebration of the 44 awards won across 11 different prestigious awards, FP7/Cai held a spectacular “night with the stars” event on the 18th of December. Everyone from the staff to producers was there honoring the year of hard work and dedication it took for them to become Egypt’s leading Agency. Why “night with the stars”? Because the crowd consisted of the celebrities of the advertising field; the attendees themselves were the stars of the event.

Celebrating  with their MCN Top Management, Sister Companies Head,. Coke, EG Bank, Nestle, Mcdonalds and more clients, The interaction of staff members and board members showed us exactly the type of team work other agencies should aim for to reach that coveted number one spot.

The HR department at FP7/Cai spared no expense in pampering their empolyees with a spectacular entertainment show that began with a performance from Disco Masr. Coupled with the appearance of 5 stars Elvis, Marilyn, Robin, Michael Jackson and Mrs. Santa, the electric vibes made this a bashful event to remember.

During this year’s Effie Awards, the leading marketing communications awards worldwide, FP7/CAI were awarded a tremendous 17 effies as well as network of the year for the 5th year in a row! With six gold Effie awards for four different campaigns, FP7/CAI are the top gold winner in the region.

Looking back at their creative work this year, FP7/CAI were responsible for so many of the most beloved advertisements this year. From Coca-Cola’s ‘The Line-Up Song’ to EG Bank’s remarkable Ramadan Ad’s. Take a look at their award-winning work below…


The Line-up song (Coca Cola campaign)

Labanita They’re just cows campaign

Rexona University Program

Harvest Tomato Paste

EG Bank Ramadan Ad

Orange Ghaneely