It is no secret that models definitely know how to keep their skin, hair and bodies in tip top shape. Due to having long and hectic shooting hours, heat constantly applied to their hair and loads of makeup applied to their faces, taking care of their looks and mental health is a definite priority. We talked to a few of Egypt’s leading young models to get the scoop on how they do just that.

Zayneb Azzam:

Skincare Routine: 

It’s extremely important for me to have good looking skin. No matter how much make up you put on, if you have bad skin it will show regardless. Makeup can only hide so much. Before my shoots I prep my skin with my ZO Skin health by Dr Zein Orabi hydrating cleanser and exfoliator. After that, I use a toner to return my PH level back to normal after the cleanser dries it out. Toner is very important! I use Blue Astringent Herbal toner from Kiehl’s. After that, I use either tea bags or cucumbers to make my dark eyes lighter. Next up, I use an eye cream  also from Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment with avocado. Finally, I apply moisturizer on my entire face and neck from avene. Not just once, but twice because I tend to get dry skin. Also, drinking water will help elasticity and improve appearance of your face x10! Finally, twice a month I do a facial with my dermatologist.  Can you believe my entire facial routine above is not enough to get rid of all the hidden dirt? Facials are a MUST!

Hair Care Routine: Unfortunately, I have to cut my hair every month as a good trim keeps away split ends.  In most of my shoots the hair stylist doesn’t care much for my hair and more about getting the job done. So, it’s my resposonsibilty to keep it healthy again and again. I do deep conditioning at my hair salon often. They usually want me to sit for just 10 minutes but I like to stay for 30 minutes. Let the steam hit my face too.
Argan oil is the best oil to use to get your tender, sweet hair back to its natural roots. After showering, I use a capsize on wet hair- never comb your hair while wet. And I try to avoid heat at all costs. So I let my hair air dry or just with a towel. Argan oil should be used on days you won’t be styling your hair unless it’s in a serum form. Twice a month, I apply an Egg, mayo, and a bit of coconut oil mask for stronger locks and shiny hair.

Nutrition & Workout Regimen: I don’t eat unnecessary foods like chips, candy, or drink soda. If there is zero benefit for my body then I stay far away. Also, no fried foods, because what you eat you become. French fries usually give you a greasy face. Chocolates can cause breakouts.

Wellness Mantras: Having beautiful skin is not an easy process; if you’re set on living healthy you have to change your whole lifestyle. Only recently did I decide to quit drinking and in the month that I’ve stopped I’ve seen a tremendous difference in my face. Also, I don’t even surround myself with smoke anymore which has effected my skin positively too. Also, remember that every fruit has a benefit, so you can both eat them and also use them to make facial masks.

Zahra Laias:

Skincare Routine: After removing my makeup, I always use the Garnier Pure Active 3-in-1 facial cleanser and mask to wash off any excess dirt or makeup residue. After that I use a moisturizer to keep my face hydrated.

Hair Care Routine: When I’m not shooting, I always keep my hair natural and heat-free. Before washing my hair, I apply some olive oil to my hair for a few minutes to help hydrate it. Two hair products that I cannot live without are are the Argan Oil of Morocco and Pantene Dry Oil with Vitamin E.

Nutrition & Workout Regimen: I workout 5 times a week, and 3 of those times I kickbox. I have one cheat day a week where I eat whatever I want, but for the rest of the week, I try to keep it healthy.

Wellness Mantras: Always put yourself first and love yourself more than anyone else.


Laila Ezzat:

Skincare Routine: On days when I’m not shooting, I try to wear little to no makeup as it clogs the pores. I also remove my makeup right after shooting is over, even if I’m going out after as I don’t like to stay with makeup on all day. I have very dry skin so I make sure to moisturize everyday using Nuxe oil mixed with Nivea cream. Before going to bed, I mix Nuxe oil with Argan oil and apply it to my face. I’ve also recently started using aloe vera gel under my eyes as they tend to get puffy, after a makeup artist suggested it.

Hair Care Routine: While shooting, so much heat and products are applied to my hair- sometimes even vaseline is applied for certain looks, so I get a lot of hair damage. I recently started taking some vitamins for my hair, skin and nails. Also, I try to leave my hair all natural when I’m not shooting.

Nutrition & Workout Regimen: I haven’t been working out lately because I get very bored at the gym, but I am more into group fitness classes.

Wellness Mantras: Drink lots of water and eat as healthy as you could because beauty always comes from within. No amount of products will ever make you glow as much as taking care of your health will. There are no magic tricks- the healthier you are on the inside, the more it will reflect on your looks.

Ingy Elengbawy:

Skincare Routine: My skin care routine is very simple. For day time care, I use Bienfait Multi-vital sunscreen cream.
I also use Nuxe Paris Smoothing Eye Contour Cream. Before I sleep I use Eva Collagen Gold cream. I also never sleep when I am wearing makeup and my absolute favorite skin care line is The Body Shop’s Tea Tree line ( facial wash, mask and oil).

Hair Care Routine: I always use sulfate free shampoo and use natural oils like almond oil , olive oil and my all time favorite castor oil. My favorite shampoo brand is Chi.

Nutrition & Workout Regimen: To keep my body fit, I like to do yoga, crossfit and a bit of jogging. I’m a huge foodie and I love food, but I always try to eat what I want in moderation. I also love having a green smoothie first thing in the morning. Drinking 2 liters of water/day is also a definite must for me.

Wellness Mantras: Keep it simple; eat your veggies, get your proteins and do your favourite exercise. That’s how you’ll achieve perfect inner health and outer looks.

Sohaila Kandil:

Skincare Routine: Usually I ask the makeup artist to moisturize my face first and then apply a primer so that I can have some sort of layer to protect my skin. Most importantly, I ask her to clean her brushes in front of me because you can never be too sure who’s skin it was on before you.  As soon as im done with a shoot, I head home and I immediately remove my makeup and apply my Bioderma moisturizer.

Hair Care Routine:  I use sulfate free shampoo, liks Strongville, and no conditioner. Instead I use natural oils to add moisture to my hair like jojoba oil or argon oil- these are my favorites.

Nutrition & Workout Regimen: I don’t like restricting myself to a certain diet plan because I never follow them and when I actually do follow them, I’m miserable. So, I mostly eat what makes me happy and workout about 4 times a week.

Wellness Mantras: Eat what makes you happy not skinny. Embrace your curves!