We all know how painful and quite expensive a laser hair removal session could be. Yet, due to the fast-paced schedules and unforeseen events, we find ourselves in contact with daily, having hairless skin (at all times) became almost mandatory.

Thank the lords for technology advancement and the existence of digital platforms such as Elephas.

Elephas is a digital platform mainly aiming at increasing consumers’ awareness about available brands; by providing brand offers, discounts, and loyalty programs, to successfully generate potential customers.

Still, how could a HIFU Session become affordable and more fun?

Virtual Reality is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment placing the user inside a virtually “real” experience.

Instead of viewing a regular screen, users are immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds simply by using VR glasses.

Virtual Reality glasses simulate as many of the senses as the technology could reach stimulation to; such as vision, hearing, touch.

Applications of virtual reality also include entertainment games such as the walk of the skin avenue.

Elephas facilitated the collaboration between virtual reality and skin avenue, to provide easier and more affordable HIFU sessions.

We find this collaboration to be cool!!

So, how does the VR “Walking” Game of The Skin Avenue Work?

Basically, the client is welcomed in the lased hair removal session by being offered a pair of VR Glasses and asked to start playing the walking game. By being fully focused on playing, most of the customers totally forgot the pain, time of the session, and completely enjoy every minute the whole thing.

The VR game converts the points gained through playing the game into more pulses or money, depending on what procedure the client wishes to go for next.

Clients love this challenge of collecting more pulses while playing as it makes them save money as well.

The surprises are not Over Yet With The Skin Avenue Gift Cards powered by Elephas

Yes, it’s not just about having a pain free session or gaining pulses that can be turned into more sessions or money deducted from other procedures; skin avenue is also offering Gift Cards as a new way of indulging.

The Gift Cards are prepaid cards available for purchase through different outlets around Sheikh Zayed such as:

  • Fresh Food Market
    • Sheikh Zayed
    • Palm Hills
  • Flip Out in Mall of Arabia.

These cards offer special prices for laser hair removal pulses (1EGP per pulse) and they are also to be used for other services at The Skin Avenue.

We can find 3 types of gift cards at The Skin Avenue, all provided by Elephas as well.

  1. Silver Card – 200EGP
    • 200 pulses
  2. Gold Card – only for 500EGP
    • 500 pulses
    • free dermatology consultation
  3. Platinum Card – 1000EGP
    • 1000 pulses
    • free dermatology consultation


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