It’s been a  long time since I last shared my thoughts and I know we are all going through a tough time; since most of us are suddenly not working full time as we used to and many of us are out of track when it comes to setting and achieving fitness and nutrition goals. 

I will share with you the steps that helped me to manage to stay on track, hoping it can be of help to anyone. 

Depending on each one’s personal lifestyle, every one of us is involved in some kind of physical activity and following a healthy dietary regime. 

When it comes to achieving your fitness goals and staying motivated, here are a few steps to follow


Setting Guidelines

Since the national plans change almost every 2-4 weeks, we need to set a “Microcycle” plan when it comes to training.

A Microcycle Training Plan is the shortest period for a training plan that can last minimally for one week. In case you are doing endurance work, lifting weights, or CrossFit you better go for a biweekly plan maximum.


Setting Short Term Goals

The current circumstances have obliged us to live day by day and if not hour by hour, this is why I follow the strategy of setting a weekly plan. 

For instance, if I know that Monday is my Strength Training day, I pack my bag,  go to a small garage basement, put the heaviest weights on, and go for 3 to 5 reps. Once done with my plan for the day, I head home and instantly follow what’s on my nutritional plan for that day.


Time Management Is a Gamechanger

Waking up early, sleeping early, and prioritizing training in the mornings if possible. 

When we treat our training session as we do an important interview we cannot miss, skip, or postpone, we can then start to reap out the benefits of training consistently. Training daily at the same time adjusts our mind-set as the endorphin kicks after training giving us an instant boost lasting for 5 to 6 hours, which will also improve our psychological health during this tough time.


Stay Away from Junk Food

I mean come on guys!! This phase is going to end sooner or later. We don’t want to mess up our bodies. Now more than ever, we need to make our caloric intake slightly lower than usual as “most of us” are not as active as we used to be before the Pandemic took over.


Fuel The Body With Nutrients and Vitamins

Food is a good way to defend our bodies and create our own shields, regardless of whats all the pages and articles about “foods to boost the immune system” say we should consume. We must always fuel our system with fresh healthy foods, including a lot of protein and vegetables and this will definitely keep infections away.


Always Be Positive

It is well known that the darkest nights show the brightest stars, and we all must be ready for the next phase. We need to keep the bad news on the low as much as possible. Keeping up the vibes and staying positive will help us move forward and stay healthy, after all this will be ending soon. I believe Positivity is the Most Important aspect to focus on right now.



That’s all for this article where I shared the few steps I’ve been following for the past 3+ months, I hope you guys find this beneficial and decide to give it a try. 

You won’t lose a thing!

And as always Stay Safe. 🙂