Everyone who has ever hosted a dinner party knows that food is just one of many aspects to create the perfect ambience. For thanksgiving, we had so many questions about what to do to create a memorable dinner party; like “what flowers should we get?” and “which are thanksgiving appropriate drinks to serve?”

To answer all our questions, we talked to Eman Naguib, food photographer, food stylist and baker to get all the details on how to create a perfect  thanksgiving dinner.

First off, can you share with us some tips to setting up the dinner table?

Using warm colors such as (Burgundy, Brown, Beige, grey and warm orange) for napkins, plates and table runners are a great touch to add to bring out that cozy atmosphere.


Now that the table is set, what to serve?
My mom’s signature Pumpkin Soup served in small carved pumpkins as a bowl (recipe below!)
Roasted turkey
Salad with dried fruits (raisins or cranberries preferably)
Baked whole Sweet potatoes or Pumpkin pie for dessert

What kind of flowers should we use to complement the set-up & food? 
Using pinecones, cinnamon sticks as decorative items is very cheap and gives a natural beauty to your setup as well as warm green leaves (Artificial or Natural)


Any tips on things to add to make our guests feel welcome?
Using pea lights to decorate the wall or even put in a jar as a centerpiece, or on the floor around your dining room.
Candle lights are always a great addition that adds warmth to the place and give an ambient light
Boiling some cinnamon sticks on a stove before your guests arrive gives an inviting & aromatic cinnamon smell to the house.


What drinks do you recommend we serve the guests? 
Hot apple Cider makes a great hot drink to keep your guests warm.
Sparkling water infused with freshly sliced fruits (Oranges-Lemon) looks very attractive and a great way to keep your guests hydrated.

Mom’s Recipe for the best Pumpkin Soup:

1- 1 large pumpkin (peeled and Diced)
2- Small Onion (Diced)
3- 4 Garlic Cloves (Minced)
4- 2 Carrots (Diced)
5- 1/2 to 1 Cup cooking cream
6- Chicken or Beef Stock (enough to cover your ingredients in the stewpan)

7-  1 medium sized potato (peeled and diced)

1- Ground Black Pepper
2- Salt
3- Nutmeg (ground)
4- Garlic Powder
5- Ground Cinnamon


1- Put Onion, Garlic, Carrots and Potatoes to the stewpan and stir fry until golden on medium heat
2- Add Pumpkin and a pinch of Salt, Pepper, nutmeg, garlic powder and cinnamon
3- Add the Chicken/ Beef Stock until it covers the ingredients
4- Cover the pan until the ingredients are cooked
5- Beat the ingredients in a blender or using a handheld blender in the pan
6- Add cooking cream until the texture is thick and creamy
7- Add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste
8- Take off the heat and serve