Changing perceptions and sharing skills to inspire the future Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Entreprenelle – A mission-driven social enterprise – continues to make its imprint as a social development and business impact organization, through hosting its 3rdannual SHECAN event.

This year, it aims to become the main hub for women empowerment and entrepreneurship ecosystem in the MENA region, through partnering with significant entities including UN Women, Swedish Embassy, National Council for women, Nahdet Masr, Avon, Orange, and Export Development Bank Of Egypt.

With the main goal of eliminating the main obstacle facing women in Egypt and the region which is the resource accessibility, Entreprenelle focuses on awareness, education, and resources accessible to reach that goal of empowering women economically.

The awareness phase starts from SHE CAN, where the educational programs tackle fashion, handcrafts, upcycling, recycling, tourism and advertising. During these programs, attendees learn the business perks of each industry, thus becoming qualified to move forward onto the next step, which is connecting them to incubators, accelerators, and investors.

In 3 years, Entreprenelle impacted 20,000 beneficiaries all over Egypt, with more than 360 projects conducted in 9 different governorates including Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura, El Menya, Assiut, Suhag and Aswan, Entreprenelle managed to affect over 5000 beneficiaries in these governorates.

While Entreprenelle aims to focus more on the marginalized governorates that lack resources and crucial infrastructure, it also conducts several projects in Cairo that have helped around 150 beneficiaries so far including the handcrafts project, the fashion project, boost your business, the food project and the event’s project.

“It’s very inspiring to look around and see all these amazing women from all over the country, coming together in one place, each with a different dream and all of them wanting to know how to make these dreams come true,” Said Rania Ayman, Founder of Entreprenelle

“Throughout the past year, we have witnessed many successful examples of young brilliant women who attended the event with simple ideas of what they want to do with their lives, and actually went on to have their own business and start their own projects” Added Rania.

Entreprenelle would carry on leaving its mark in the entrepreneurship scene, by being the bridge connecting future leaders and entrepreneurs to the available resources in the market during SHE CAN. Showing realistic examples of successful women with grounded experiences who overcame their challenging experiences during SHECAN, would hopefully spur on the attendees to do the same.