As we are now in the back-to-school season, most households tend to develop a sense of imbalance and stress due new routines and increased responsibilities, on parents and kids alike. Managing a household and careers with the constant battles of studying, homework, exams, waking up early, catching school buses, parents meetings, and no-to-mention the endless fitness practices and tournaments can be taxing for all.

Increased levels of tension can inhibit proper mental and physical ability to all members of family

Resorting to natural, chemical-free solutions to solve this problem is extremely attainable and this is where ‘Aromatherapy and Essential Oils’ fit into the equation perfectly. Have you ever wondered why the minute you enter a spa, your body instantly relaxes, your mind is soothed and you are filled with a rush of positive energy? Well, this is the result of the magical blends of essential oils that we smell as we enter. They always have the perfect blend of oils that send indirect messages to brain receptors to enhance mood, relieve stress and encourage concentration.

Aromatherapy has been used by several cultures for thousands of years to tackle different mental and physical problem areas and have stood the test of time. The use of many types of essential oils-derived from plants and flowers-have helped people be more productive, fight depression, and even treat insomnia. Essential oils should be incorporated daily in everyone’s life, be it at home or at work.

Some of the best and most effective oils we can use at home for our studying kids, or even to enhance our own personal concentration levels at work, are Peppermint and Bergamot essential oils. Peppermint aroma improves memory and alertness, making it a perfect solution for homework time, or even for brainstorming sessions at work. Bergamot, on the other hand, is a mood enhancer. Once your mood is boosted, energy levels are automatically elevated and work gets done easier and faster.

Another type of essential oil is Rosemary. It is an excellent oil to use in the early morning before heading to work, and for the kids while they are getting ready for school. Rosemary oil is the perfect start to any morning, as it helps in refreshing the senses and boosting energy levels to kick-start a day full of accomplishments.

Last but not least, the use of Lavender oil can be your safe haven at night. Infusing this oil one to two hours before bedtime will make the house feel very cozy and comfortable. It plays a great role in soothing the senses, and will eventually prepare the mind for a comfortable night’s sleep. This is perfect for kids who have sleeping disorders, and for parents who are constant sufferers of insomnia.