If you’ve been dabbling in the wellness scene for a while, you’ve certainly heard of milk that doesn’t come from animals. An astonishing array of non-dairy milks fill up grocery store shelves, amongst which is our beloved almond milk.


Gone are the days of imported and over-priced almond milk, thanks to Lamar, you can now enjoy this dairy-free alternative without it costing you an arm and a leg. Lamar’s local Egyptian-made unsweetened and fortified almond milk now graces store shelves nationwide.


What is Almond Milk?


If this is your first nut-free milk rodeo, here’s a quick recap. Almond milk (or Mylk, as non-dairy products are also named) is made from, you guessed it, almonds. The process is super simple: you soak almonds in water overnight, blend the next day and sieve to remove the pulp. Voila, the liquid you are left with is pure, raw, unadulterated almond milk.


Whilst raw homemade almond milk lacks some essential nutrients, Lamar’s fortified almond milk makes sure you don’t miss out on the Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Calcium and Magnesium your body needs. A lactose-free dairy milk alternative that won’t break the bank? Sign us up!


Why is Almond Milk good for you?


Calcium: Most people are under the false belief that the only way to get their recommended daily calcium intake is by drinking dairy milk, however, dairy-free milk is just as potent. Lamar’s fortified almond milk has a full 45% of your daily recommended calcium intake per cup.


Low Sugar: Not only do you get your nutrients but, you get them with almost no-sugar in unsweetened almond milk. One cup of Lamar’s unsweetened almond milk has only 1-2 grams of carbs, most of which are dietary fiber.


Lower Calorie: Due to the unique processing method of almond milk, you get all the good stuff in unsweetened almond milk without the high-fat and calorie content of raw almonds.


Vitamin D: One cup of Lamar’s fortified almost milk gives you a quarter of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin D. Drinking fortified almond milk is especially important, particularly given that 30-50% of people have a Vitamin D deficiency.


Vitamin E: Known for their high content of this powerful anti-oxidant, almonds are a great source of Vitamin E. One cup of almond milk can give you 30% of your recommended daily intake.


Vegan: It may seem almost redundant to point this out but given the plant-based nature of almond milk, it is suitable for vegans and those abstaining from dairy or lactose for any reason.


Who is Almond Milk for?


Lamar’s unsweetened almond milk has the added advantage of being dairy and lactose-free. Whether you are vegan, lactose or dairy intolerant or just interested in trying something new in your morning latte, this versatile almond milk is the way to go.


Ways to use it:


You can use this non-dairy milk as a replacement for dairy in almost anything;


  • In your cereal, muesli, oatmeal
  • In your coffee, latte, tea, hot chocolate (you can heat, but not boil it)
  • Baking and cooking
  • Sauces, soups, dressings, whipping cream
  • Nice-Cream (homemade non-dairy ice cream).


Now that you know why you need to update your grocery store list with this mylk, we can’t wait to see how you’ll use your Lamar Almond Milk.