Every now and then we tend to fall into the habit of blow drying our hair, using straightening irons and exposing our hair to insane amounts of heat and chemicals to make it insanely straight. The aftermath of this process for people with naturally curly hair is that they lose their natural waves, and the hard part comes when they decide they want them back. The process of getting your curls back is possible but it requires a certain amount of time and dedication. We talked to Nada Akram from Nada Akram Designs to tell us how she lost her curls and managed to get them back bigger and fuller than ever!


Tell us about your hair journey…

I lost my curls back in college when I decided to straighten my hair everyday and since then I couldn’t go out without having it straightened. My visits to the hairdresser became an essential part of my weekly routine. This all changed though during the last two years when I had to stay all summer in the North Coast, because I opened a store there, and I had to find a way to get my curls back.

During the first year, I minimized my visits to the hairdressers and decided to keep them only when I had a special occasion. Then, a year later, I decided that I will never use heat on my hair again and I started braiding my hair every night before I sleep until I finally got my natural curly hair back!

How many times a week do you wash your hair?

I wash it once to twice a week, depending on the curls condition. It’s unhealthy to wash your hair a lot, yet it’s ok to soak it in water anytime you want.

What products do you use to wash your hair?

I use 100% natural products, so no sulfate or silicon. The brands I use are Shea Moisture, Cantu and Deva Curls. There’s also a local brand called Healing Herbs that has a very nice shampoo for curly hair.

Tell us about the steps you take for washing and brushing you hair…

My fixed routine is…

  • Washing with non sulfate shampoo only once a week
  • I then add a deep conditioner (this is a must) that I leave in for 30 min before rinsing
  • For drying, I use a cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel as the normal towels are not good for curly hair.
  • After drying I add a leave-in conditioner from any of the above brands
  • Then, I apply a curling cream and scrunch then leave it to air dry
  • I rarely use a diffuser to dry it. Watching wash and go videos on YouTube really helped me find the perfect care routine for my curly hair.
  • I only brush my hair when it has deep conditioner or conditioner in it, usually I use a wide toothcomb or a detangling one.

Any other advice on how to take care of your curls?

I recommend sleeping on Satin pillowcases, as they’re very good for the hair. I also suggest sleeping with the pineapple method (which is basically having all hair tied up with loose head band, looking like a pineapple!)

You should moisturize your hair as much as possible and stay away from any heat and any chemicals, as a general rule the more you take care of your hair the better your curls. If you’re looking to get your curls back you should always use the Internet for tips, I am currently following The Curly Girl Method – which is an international method for curly hair and it has proven to be very helpful!