Let us just start this by saying that just because you are reading this article now and you want to find out how you can rid yourself of stretch marks, it does NOT mean you hate your body. We don’t want you to look in the mirror and hate what you see. We want you to look in the mirror and love every inch of yourself and then decide if you want to change anything about your body because you LOVE it.


Yes, you can love something and still want to change it. Just think of your loved ones, do you really think that you wouldn’t change one tiny thing about them? Of course not. We love our friends and family despite their “imperfections” but that doesn’t mean if we can change them we’d love them any less or more. The same goes for our bodies.

Now, we cleared that bit, let’s get into why you’re here. Stretch Marks!

Stretch marks, like many other things, are very common. 50% of women get stretch marks, and it’s still a source of body insecurity because the media haven’t been showing that for the last 50 years. Truth is every single celebrity you admire who seemingly has flawless skin, actually has stretch marks that get photoshopped.

So, without further ado, here’s all you need to know about stretch marks and how to treat them.


What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are lines that show on your skin when your body suddenly changes (when you lose or gain weight). The sudden change breaks up Collagen and Elastin. The purpose of these two is to make your skin look firm and smooth. So, when they’re broken, you can see the traces of that on your skin.

This is why many women get stretch marks during or after their pregnancy. It’s also why women get stretch marks when they lose weight, or when they gain weight quickly. 

In case you’re wondering, men, get stretch marks as well. Still, it’s more common with women because hormonal changes are the catalyst that allows stretch marks to appear.


Are Stretch Marks Dangerous?

No, they’re not. 

Stretch marks don’t indicate that there’s any danger to your body. Like any other part of your body, they deserve that you love and accept them.

That being said, if you want to get rid of them, there is no shame in that either. Self-love isn’t only about accepting yourself the way you are. When you love yourself, you find the things that you need to change and you change them for you to enhance how you look and feel better about yourself.

When you change the way you look from a place of self-love, it shows that you’ve grown to be more powerful and authentic.


How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

There are many different methods to reduce stretch marks or even get rid of them entirely. Some of these methods are more effective than others.

Many people recommend natural methods to reduce stretch marks, but there isn’t any proof that any of them really work. On the other hand, it’s proven that people can find better results with clinical treatments.

However, for any stretch mars treatments to work, it has to be supported by a healthy lifestyle and a good diet. Some clinics like WHAM clinics offer nutrition counselling with your treatment and even follow up with you. This guarantees the best results for the longest time.


How to Naturally Reduce Stretch Marks

A lot of people would tell you to try scrubs like:

  • Rubbing coconut oil
  • Rubbing black tea
  • Rubbing coffee
  • Rubbing egg whites
  • Rubbing potato juice
  • Massaging the skin with onions

You’re free to try any of these methods (if any of them feel comfortable.) However, there is no real guarantee that any of them work.


Some people also combine some of these scrubs (or add chemicals) to make topical creams.


Topical Creams 

You can use creams called “collagen stimulants” to motivate your body to produce collagen in the stretch mark area and make your skin firm.

Although some women see results with this method, It’s only possible in the first stage of stretch marks when they are still red. This stage usually lasts for 6 months before they turn white. It’s important to apply topical creams only in the early stages because white stretch marks can’t be reversed by topical creams.


Depending on your skin and the topical cream used, some topical creams can damage your skin. So, before you try any topical cream for stretch marks, consult with a doctor.


Now, it’s time to talk about some real methods to get rid of stretch marks.

Micro-Needling Treatment for Stretch Marks

Micro-needling is an almost non-invasive procedure where a doctor uses tiny needles to slightly poke into the stretch mark area. 


How It Works

The doctor pokes into your skin with tiny needles to create a column of injury. When this happens, your body produces collagen and elastin to repair the skin, which reduces the stretch marks and make your skin look healthier. 

This procedure isn’t very painful. Depending on the area, you may feel a bit uncomfortable from the poking. 

Also, your doctor will use numbing cream before you start the treatment. So, you’ll barely feel a thing.

Micro-needling isn’t expensive. Your dermatologist will decide the price depending on the number of sessions you need.



You can use a derma roller to do micro-needling at home. But, it’s not very safe, especially if you’re new to this. It’s better to visit a doctor and only use a derma roller when they advise you to.


Fractional Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

This is, by far, one of the most effective treatments to get rid of stretch marks.

It’s a procedure that depends on using microbeams of laser to reach under the stretch mark area to heat it and create a column of injury. This method doesn’t hurt any more than laser hair removal does.


How it works

The doctor uses a device to focus microbeams of laser on the stretch mark area. The microbeams slightly injure the dermis (the middle layer of the skin) so that when it starts healing, the body will produce excessive amounts of collagen and elastin to fortify the skin. 

What makes this method very effective is that the laser is hot, and heat stimulates collagen production in your body! In simple words, this method makes your body produce collagen in 2 different ways at the same time. 

A session usually lasts for 20-45 minutes – depending on the size of the area with stretch marks – and you need to do a session once a month for 6 months to see good results. This method is the most effective and is the most expensive procedure on the list.


If you’re wondering whether to use micro-needling or fractional laser, consider the following

  • Doctors don’t recommend fractional laser for dark-skinned women.
  • It has a downtime of one week and it leaves small brown peels on the skin. 
  • You’re not recommended to get out in the sun afterwards.
  • Micro-needling avoids all that and has no downtime, but is less effective than fractional laser.


CarboxyTherapy Treatment for Stretch Marks

Carboxytherapy is a procedure that involves using carbon dioxide to boost blood circulation under a certain area to get rid of stretch marks. 

This method uses a needle (a small insulin one) and the carbon dioxide injection can sting a tiny bit. It doesn’t hurt beyond that, though.


How It Works

The doctor uses an insulin needle to inject carbon dioxide under your stretch marks. When this happens, your tissues send a signal to your body demanding oxygen in that area, the rush of oxygen in the area triggers the production of collagen, and as we mentioned above, collagen repairs the skin and makes it more firm.

You can do this method once every 2 weeks and it has no downtime. If you want to see results with Carboxytherapy, you should do 8-12 sessions. This method isn’t expensive, and its pricing is very similar to micro-needling.


Where to Get These Treatments

If you want to get any of these treatments, WHAM clinics are your best friends. They use machines and equipment that are FDA approved, and they have many branches in Cairo and Alexandria.

The best thing about WHAM clinics is that they promote body-positivity and self-love. They believe that changing how you look should come from a place of self-love. 

They believe that every person can be beautiful in their way and that you need to love and embrace who you are.



WHAM clinics have packages that combine treatment methods. This makes the treatment less expensive and far more effective in a shorter time. They also follow-up with you for weeks to make sure that you’re still enjoying the results and following a healthy lifestyle that compliments your treatments.

Even if you don’t know how to follow a healthy lifestyle, they offer you nutrition counselling to support your treatment.

You can find more information on their website here.


So, that was everything you need to know about stretch marks and their treatments. 

If you want to reduce your stretch marks, that’s still a good thing as long as you do it because you love yourself and you want to change how you look for you not anyone else. Either way, always embrace your authentic self and find people like WHAM clinics who stand for self-love and acceptance.